Mid-Week Wrap Up; Visitors In Town

My parents got in on time Monday night and we’ve had a great time showing them around.  They visited us in the city the years we lived in Brooklyn, but Long Island is a new family destination.  And two sets of aunts and uncles get here tomorrow morning!  Since I knew I’d have lots of good food to share with visitors in town I decided to post in smaller mid-week wrap ups this week.

Here’s some of what my mouth’s been up to…

Coffee from 7-11 with Cinnabon creamer.

DSC06022I’ve been wanting to try that damn creamer for months and I ended up hating it so much that I threw out my whole coffee halfway though.  Boo.  But at least I can stop pestering Adam to walk to 7-11 with me.

A gingerbread lunch feast.

DSC06033An awesome sandwich of Applegate Farms Herb Turkey Breast, reduced fat cream cheese, and banana peppers on Pepperidge Farm Gingerbread Swirl Bread.

DSC06037DSC06029Plus sliced Sweet Tango apple.

DSC06038And Gingerbread Twix.

DSC06043These holiday Twix are sooooo good.  I wouldn’t normally eat a Twix but the gingerbread spice is wonderful.

We went to Great Neck for my parents’ first night’s dinner.  Bareburger, of course, because that’s our go-to spot for out-of-towners.  We shared the fried zucchini to start.

DSC06045I’ve decided that the Western turkey burger (sans bun) is my favorite variety.  The fried pickle on the side is too fun.

DSC06050And despite the cold we wandered over to 16 Handles after dinner.

DSC06052Sugar-free praline with chocolate pretzels, salty almonds, and peanut butter sauce.

For their 2nd dinner we went our favorite Italian spot, Luigi’s.

DSC06055That focaccia is great.  As was the Tuscan salad my mom and I split.

DSC06060Baby spinach with breaded artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, gorgonzola dolce, pine nuts, and balsamic vinaigrette.

We all shared some fresh mozzarella too.

DSC06065I stuck with the cheese theme for dinner.  Spinach, ricotta, and goat cheese ravioli (house-made!) in a champagne truffle cream sauce.

DSC06068It was very rich but very good.  The sauce was truffle heaven.

I did have enough room left over to dole out a round of RumChata after dinner.

DSC06071DSC06074I was introduced to it as “the snickerdoodle shot” and that name is very apt.  Adam and I both put some in our coffee too and decided that we’ll be doing that regularly.

I don’t know what the plan is for tomorrow (with 10 people for dinner) but the next day’s Thanksgiving, whee!

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