Cashews, Coffee, And Curry

First things first, I need to announce my Taste of Treme Giveaway winner –


winnerJordan, let me know how the cookbook stacks up against Abita’s!  And please e-mail me with your mailing address.  Congrats!

I apologize for not posting the results sooner; we have had a rough couple of days around here.  Webster has been having seizures.


So far (that we know of) he had one Friday morning and another at 4:30 a.m. last night.  I ran him to the vet in hysterics on Friday and she said that there could be a variety of causes but that seizures are not all that uncommon in dogs his size and that she wasn’t too worried.  We are waiting for some lab results and I will be sure to keep y’all updated as we learn more.


Once he recovers he seems to be in good spirits but both episodes were pretty scary for me, especially because Adam has been out-of-town.  It is a bad feeling to see someone you love out of control and not be able to help.  Both times I just petted him and gave him kisses until it was over.

I had my sights set on a hot yoga class this morning but it just didn’t feel right to go, instead I stayed in bed an hour longer with the little man in my arms.  I’m glad to spend time with him but I do need to get myself to a class asap.  I have been to a grand total of 1 class during my unlimited two months; if I don’t get my act together over the next two weeks it will mean that I paid $75 for a single yoga session, yikes!

Once we got up, the dog and I did have a successful day.  Lots and lots of cleaning was done.  And I made  homemade cashew milk.


How Sweet Eats’ Vanilla Cashew Milk was good, but probably not worth the time committment to ever make again.  I’m glad I got to experience it once though.

I did a lot of taste testing while I made the cashew milk and then I took advantage of the dirtied blender and made a big smoothie for breakfast.



Midmorning we put on our sweaters and took a walk.




Webster is ultra-super-mega cute in his gray sweater and he got several compliments today.

Lunch was spread across some afternoon snacking.  An apple.


An Almond & Apricot Kind Bar.


A Nutffles Red Velevt Truffle.  (just 25 cents at 7-11)


A plate of baby carrots dipped in pineapple salsa.


And finally, I did some baking with the “pulp” from the cashew milk.


After I got out all of the liquid, I spread what I could salvage on a baking sheet and dried it in the oven at 200* for 20 minutes.  Then I mixed up the cashew meal and baked it macaroon-style {vanilla extract, egg white, sugar}.


They were far better than I was expecting and I ended up having 4.  I am very anxious for Adam to try them because he loves coconut macaroons and I think these were even tastier.

Basically all I’ve done over break is sit on the couch and eat junk (by the way, my pants currently don’t fit: oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!) so tonight’s dinner felt extra fancy and healthy.


I reeeeeeeeeally want to cook dinners like a grown-up this semester so I need to get back into the habit before school starts on the 21st.  This meal was a good place to start.

Roasted asparagus.


White rice leftovers – from Chinese take-out I ordered on Friday 70% because I didn’t want to leave the dog to get food and 30% because I wanted someone to deliver diet soda to me in the apartment.


Green Curry Fritters from Cooking Light.


I was really impressed with this recipe; such a fun combination of flavors!  I did make a few changes, all of which I suggest you follow my lead on if you make the recipe –

  • substituted turkey for chicken (am I the only one who greatly prefers ground turkey to chicken?!)
  • used an entire bunch of green onions, whites and greens
  • substituted nayo for canola mayo
  • used 2 Tbsp green curry paste
  • skipped the sesame oil
  • substituted 2 Tbsp of tamari for the soy sauce
  • substituted 1 heaping tsp Sriracha for the sambal oelek
  • substituted 1 tsp galangal paste for ground ginger
  • substituted coconut oil for canola oil
  • sized my patties to yield 10 instead of 12

Adam should be home in a couple of hours and tomorrow we are actually getting a visit from my Maryland aunt and one of my cousins!  I haven’t seen that set of family in far too long and I could not be more excited.

Now the dog is curled up at my feet and I’m about to pour a cup of tea and make myself finally organize my school materials from last semester.

Everyone please give your pets a big smooch for me.

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