The Sunday Scurry

I’m in a quandary: I want to blog because yesterday I started my “30 days of blogging” challenge again, but I want to get off the computer so I can hang out with my boys.  I didn’t say it was a large quandary.  I’ll just keep this quick.

Leftover pineapple crisp (from my Slow Cooker Desserts cookbook).



Ritz crackers with white bean truffle dip.


A lunchtime snack plate.




Crunchy peanut butter.


1 serving of Sweetriot 70% Dark Chocolate with Kickin’ Coconut*.


Co-op hot bar after work.  Fried seitan, cucumber salad, and peanut noodles.


Homemade Thai curry for dinner.


Green curry and light coconut milk with a bit of tamari and rice vinegar.  Nasoya Black Soybean Tofu Plus** fried in coconut oil.  Tons of broccoli and a can of straw mushrooms.  Cashews.  Tasty Bite Thai Lime Rice.


My boys.


*the chocolate was out of this world; it had all the healthiness of dark but the creaminess of milk chocolate

**Adam and I both want to buy this tofu again; we didn’t press it but it still stayed firm and got nice and crunchy, plus it had a good, different flavor

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