Back On Winter Break

My title’s no joke – I am officially back on winter break until the 28th!  Since I started my rotation early I’m spending the rest of this portion of the semester catching up on the days of winter break that I missed.  I do have a placement with an outpatient RD on Thursday, but other than that the time is mine.  I’m not doing anything super exciting; in fact, I work every single day of the next two weeks!  I’m hoping to get back into the gym habit too.

My last day of senior practicum was bittersweet, I loved this experience so much more than I was expecting to.  I am going to post some more about the internship after I gather my thoughts, but for now I’ll stick to breakfast.

Breakfast.  A packet of Spiru-Tein Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Protein Powder shaken with 1.25 cups Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.


I didn’t really love the texture/flavor all that much, but at least this kept me full through rounds.  p.s. – this flavor has bee pollen in it so it won’t work for strict vegans

Lunch was packed with veggies.  I brought a container of roasted butternut squash and green beans,


and topped it with a thing of Sea’s Gift Sweet Seaweed Snack.


That combo was ridiculous good.  I actually drove to Wegman’s the minute I was done with the day to buy more of the sweet seaweed!

Can I brag for a second?  I brought the nutrition department a thing of my Triple Butterscotch Blondies to say thank you and everyone raved about them.  You know a group of dietitians doesn’t go for seconds on a dessert unless it’s good!


I couldn’t have a blondie – they are sooooo not vegan – but when I got home I did eat 1.5 servings of So Delicious Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream.


The flavor of the ice cream is a little bit funky, but the cookie dough pieces are the best I’ve ever had (vegan or otherwise).

Let’s do a final Fashion Friday Monday –


I accented my outfit with this great bracelet my mom sent me for Valentine’s.


That is seriously such a “me” pieces of jewelry.

Since the college is closed for Presidents’ Day, my night class was cancelled.  This meant I could go out for celebratory drinks and dinner with friends.

I didn’t plan on drinking much, but I kept a Tea’s Tea Green Tea with Grape in my purse for rehydration purposes.


Really I only drank 1 Jack and ginger ale.


I was embarrassingly tipsy afterward.

My friend had a friend visiting from out-of-town so we had to shower her the wonder of Sun Restaurant for dinner.


I went with the Pad Kee Mao, ordered Thai spicy.  Thai-style fried wide rice noodles with hot and spicy sauce, mixed vegetable, and basil leaves.


There wasn’t egg listed in the description, but it was definitely present in the dish.  I’ve already cheated on the Vegan 20 Day more than once though, so it’s not like it was a big deal.

I ate a little more than half of my pasta, then brought the rest home for Adam.  I also brought him a whole order of the tea leaf salad that he loves to help bribe him into making me popcorn.


Score!  I smothered that bowl in melted SmartBalance Light and it was amazing.

Did you have the day off for Presidents’ Day?

3 thoughts on “Back On Winter Break

    • What concert are you seeing?? The “American only” stipulation kind of rules out most my favorites, but I think you guys would love Mother’s. There isn’t a website, but the restaurant is in Allentown near pretty good parking. The menu is fairly traditional (steak, swordfish, etc) and the food is delicious. We took my family there on their last visit and everyone loved it.

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