Confessions XIII

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Confession #1 – I’ve listened to “Every Single Night” at least 200 times since I downloaded Fiona Apple’s newest album last month.

Confession #2 – I may have given my friends Apple Month bags in September.

Confession #3 – I Post-it the husband’s whole world.

Confession #4 – I read Gail Simmon’s memoir almost a month ago (at FNCE) and I still can’t stop thinking about it.  She is modest, funny, and totally enviable for staying true to her dream.  One or two chapters made me cry, many made me laugh out loud, and every single chapter left me drooling.

Confession #5 –  I’m really sad that I can’t do something crazy for Halloween this year.  Nevermind that I haven’t done something crazy for Halloween since college, when Adam and I went as the original Adam and his Eve.  I want a crazy wig and short skirt, damn it!

What’s the craziest costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?

7 thoughts on “Confessions XIII

  1. I was Lizzie Borden once (“Lizzie Borden took and axe, gave her mother 40 whacks…”; I had a musical axe and a bloody apron!)

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