Confessions VII

Click here to read Confessions part I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

Confession #1 – Sometimes I hate my dog.  But you already know that.

Confession #2 – I became completely obsessed with badgers after reading The Zookeeper’s Wife.  The book – which is the true story of how keepers at the Warsaw zoo saved hundreds of people during the Holocaust – discusses their ability to be potty trained and I decided I must have one.

Confession #3 – I ate popcorn for lunch. 

<– that’s not a confession, popcorn is freaking amazing.  The confession is that I top my popcorn with melted butter and granulated sugar and pretend its kettlecorn.

Confession #4 – I clean 80% more regularly after we bought the french lavender-scented Method all-purpose cleaner.

Confession #5 – I spend my afternoon setting up Google Reader and Tweetdeck.  Not only was I not using either before today, I had never even heard of Tweetdeck until Katy schooled me last weekend.

Do you use Google Reader?  Why or why not?

16 thoughts on “Confessions VII

  1. Hey! I got your e-mail…It was so nice meeting you and definitely let me know if you make it to the NYC area soon!

    I need to setup google reader. I have a few on there but have been meaning to add all of them and start actually using it. I am downloading tweetdeck as I type this! LOL glad I saw this!

    • Lavender scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets sound heavenly! My husband has no sense of smell so we tend to go with scentless but it’s so fun when I splurge on lavender!

    • Yes, I hate it! They replaced the door a few months ago and when the man came he brought the wrong size door which he then cut to size rather than bringing the right one. Though sometimes Adam and I stick our feet in/out at each other and that’s kind of nice.

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