Confessions XI

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Confession #1 – Have you heard of the “Yo Gabba Gabba!” kids’ show?  A classmate with young children played this video for us as part of her diet education presentation.  I’ve watched it several times on my own since then.

Confession #2 –  I cry at least twice during every episode of “Private Practice.”  Like bawling, sobbing, ugly cry.  I also turn on the waterworks for “Grey’s” and “Once Upon a Time.”

Confession #3 – I try to text the husband a picture of the dog every day.

Confession #4 –  Otherwise I send embarrassing texts.  What’s worse is that this isn’t even true; no one loves anyone like Webster loves Adam.

Confession #5 – Buffalo Blue Bean Burgers, Buffalo Chicken Baked Pasta, Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes…… I don’t like chicken wings!

What tv shows make you ugly cry?

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