Confessions XII

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Confession #1 – I sort of like my new id photo.

Confession #2 – I really wanted to post yesterday but my life has been ridiculous and I felt weird being whiney on the anniversary of a major tragedy.  Some people have real problems and my life has been consumed by this tiny fake grill.

Confession #3 – Five of my last six meals have been based around cheese as a main ingredient.

Confession #4 – September is Apple Month.

Confession #5 – I started stockpiling two weeks ago, but I wouldn’t dream of touching these before October.

When do you think it’s acceptable to start eating pumpkin things?

18 thoughts on “Confessions XII

  1. I think you look so pretty. I just mailed you some things for Apple month! Pumpkins come out in October, of course (but your friend totally made my day by rubbing in that she’s eating candy corn now!!)

      • Ouch. I just realized that doesn’t sound right. Meant to say, ‘driver’s license’ photos usually look like mug shots, not your photos specifically! I think your photos (of you and taken by you) look great!

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