Confessions IX, Clothing Edition

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Confession #1 – The shirt that ended becoming my very favorite was bought on a desperate whim.  We were meeting the some friends for an impromptu dinner and I had worn one of the husband’s t-shirts to the mall.  We stopped at Forever 21 so I could try to find something a bit more flattering to wear and ended up buying my new favorite.

Confession #2 – When the husband proposed to me I was wearing a pair of his pajama pants.

Confession #3 – I’ve basically never done my own laundry.  I mean, I’ve always put it away but the actually washing and drying has been my thing only a handful of times.  My parents did it when I lived at home and Adam’s been doing it since college.

Confession #4 – When I went away to my first year at college and lived alone (Adam was still in high school so he didn’t join me at Miami until the next year) I packed something like 40+ pairs of underwear so the laundry issue didn’t come up all that often.

Confession #5 – When we got those 80* days a few weeks ago I dry-cleaned all of our winter stuff.  It’s been in the 30’s ever since but I’ve been sticking it out in thin long-sleeved tee shirts.  I’ll freeze to death before I take the coats out of their bags.

Now you confess – What’s the most embarassing fasion trend you’ve taken part in?

14 thoughts on “Confessions IX, Clothing Edition

  1. Back in the early 90s – though not early enough to make this get-up acceptable – I wore a coral pink sweatshirt that I puff-painted to death, khaki shorts, a pair of ankle-length black Spandex underneath, and a fluorescent green bubble necklace. That is NEVER, EVER okay. I can’t believe my parents actually allowed me to leave the house like that. I really can’t.

    By the way…I’m making your Cheesetastic Mac and Cheese tonight. I can’t wait to eat it!

  2. O…M…G. Am I allowed to say ‘shit’ on your blog? Because holy shit, that mac and cheese was SO GOOD!!! Emily, that is an absolute winner of a recipe. I followed it exactly except that I left out the chiles because I’m not really a fan. I could cry. It’s that good. I could honestly cry.

    We’re having a grilling party next month and I’m absolutely making that again!!! Love!!!

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