Confessions X

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I haven’t been blogging because of something school related (I hope to be back tomorrow!).  I can’t confess why, but I can tell you that I miss you!

When I was in college (the first time!) my mother sent me a box of homemade lemon bars.  I ate them all within two days and made myself totally ill.  I haven’t eaten a lemon bar since.

If you enjoyed the Hunger Games movie without reading the book, I might be judging you.  I finally saw the movie on Sunday night and while I enjoyed revisiting the story I didn’t think it was that great of a movie. *ducks* Most of the best parts of the book were left out – i.e. all of the character development – and without that character development there was no reason to care about what was happening in the movie.  Questionif you saw the movie without reading the book; what did you think was happening in the hallucination scene with the explosion?

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