Confessions Post IV

Click here to read Confessions part I, II, and III.

Confession #1 – This is what I wore to the mall yesterday:

In my mind, ruffled purse + pretty necklace = no one realizes I’m wearing my husband’s t-shirt.  That’s right, right?

Confession #2 – My family’s dog stopped a presidential motorcade once.  When President Clinton visited St. Thomas he ate at restaurant near our house so we stood at the top of our driveway to get a peek when he drove by.  We got more than the glimpse we’d planned for when our dachshund, Lilly, ran into the road and nearly got hit by a car full of secret servicemen!  Lilly was unharmed, but the motorcade did have to stop for a minute.

Confession #3 – I don’t have a single plain paperclip.  Adam needed one for his resume and all I could offer him was this:

He got mad.  Madder when I started to make a joke about how Frank carries his work papers to the office in his trunk.  Office ‘fonts are not amusing the night before your resume is due.

Confession #4 – I have a file on my computer that contains the rough outline for my memoir (about my years as a teacher).  I’d like to write it before I forget too many details, but when I think about my life as a teacher I get really, really angry.

Confession #5 – The TV couple Adam and I most resemble is Jordan and Dr. Cox from “Scrubs.”

13 thoughts on “Confessions Post IV

  1. I did a search…found your old blog…and within a few posts realized I have a similar story…although I taught 6th grade English for nine LONG years. I just recently resigned…have no idea what I will do next, but realized teaching was killing me.

    • Good for you! I actually do plan on writing a few posts on the topic this summer. You should be proud of yourself for sticking it out for 9 years, and proud of yourself for quitting before it killed you 🙂

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