Confessions Post II

Confession #1 – I’m not posting today because I’m supposed to be studying, but instead I’m having long philosophical discussions with the husband.  1.a – Whenever we pull into a parking space we usually sit in the car a few minutes longer to continue talking.

Confession #2 – I’ve been chipping away at the extra chocolate cream cheese frosting with a spoon ever since we made the ‘Smores Cupcakes.

Confession #3 – I didn’t shave my legs once the entire winter.  Not once.  And though I was sporting pants for those months outside, I definitely walked around the house in shorts.  The husband’s pet name for me is Mouse, so he took to calling me ‘Wooly Mamouse.’

Confession #4 – I really, really dislike when major companies try to give themselves nicknames.  Pacific Sunwear and Washington Mutual – if you continue to call yourselves Pac Sun and WaMu, I will continue to hate you.

Confession #5 – Sometimes I’m bad about washing my hair.  Also, sometimes I lie; I’m always bad about washing my hair.  Hence my obsession with this –

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15 thoughts on “Confessions Post II

  1. I just moved from California to Wisconsin, and this is the first time I have EVER heard/seen Pac Sun called/labeled Pacific Sunwear. Until I went to the mall here, I didn’t even know that the company ever used its full name, or that the company HAD a name longer than Pac Sun.

  2. WHERE can I get that spray shampoo? I also have issues washing my hair regularly.. it’s so long and it just takes to much effort/time to make it look decent, so why wash it? 😛

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