Confessions Post; XVII

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Confession #1 – “Orange is the New Black” was early released last Thursday and I can’t watch it yet because I am too obsessed with the old seasons of “Criminal Minds.”  The Emily who watched OITNB season 2 in three days hates this Emily for making her wait.

Confession #2 – I spent several hours on Saturday coloring.

paisleys, coloring for everyone

Skyhorse Publishing recently sent me a free copy of one of their new adult coloring books – Paisleys, Coloring for Everyone – and I am hooked.  {please note – I was not provided further compensation for this post and all opinions are my own}

paisleys, coloring for everyone

paisleys, coloring for everyone

The book is filled with intricate paisley prints for you color in.  And the pages are perforated so you can do this –

paisleys, coloring for everyone

Confession #3 – I recently learned via internet comment stream (btw, the comments on “Dear Prudence” are great) that many seemingly normal adults wash their bath towels after each use.  The husband then had to listen to a 15+ minute rant on why I hate those people.

Confession #4 – A good portion of my Instagram feed is NYC foodie accounts and I am constantly screenshotting posts about places I think Adam and I need to visit…

Confession #5 – …90% of them are coffee and/or ice cream places.


When was the last time you colored?

3 thoughts on “Confessions Post; XVII

  1. Bahaha #3! I mean, really? Not only is that a waste of resources and time, but YOU ARE CLEAN WHEN YOU USE IT! Hello! Not saying you should wait a long time, but after one use?? Absurd. I hate them too. Solidarity, sista!

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