Lunch In The Cafeteria

Hello, again!  Long time no see; or at least it has felt long to me.  There is some stuff going on that has made it in my best professional interest to skip posting, so that’s where I was the past two days.  I obviously can’t share but I promise you’re not missing anything too juicy.  And now I can come back!

This week of summer school we are observing institutional food-service operations.  I’m at the campus dining hall and I’m loving it!  Everyone else is at a health care organization and I was worried about doing something different, but I ended up exactly where I’m supposed to be.  Everything I’ve experienced so far has been amazing and today I basically walked around with my mouth hanging open.  I’ll admit that my expectations were not very high but I’ve actually been beyond impressed.  I went into dietetics more excited about clinical work than food-service and this experience is totally challenging my previous ideas.

Breakfast was eaten on my walk to school.

ZonePerfect recently sent me a sample of their Perfectly Simple line.

Tagline – “A few wholesome ingredients. 10 grams of protein. What could be simpler?”  Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately when I tried the Cranberry Almond flavor earlier this week I ended up throwing it out after just one bite.  The cranberry flavor was too strong for me; but I hate cranberries, so if you’re a fan of them this might be a plus for you.  I didn’t have high hopes for Toasted Coconut but I ended up quite liking it.

I wouldn’t call the ingredient list “natural” but it was nice and short.  The date paste wasn’t hidden but the bar didn’t have the same flavor or stickiness of a Larabar either.  The toasted coconut was tasty.  For 200 calories this was pretty filling (thank you, 10 grams of protein).

I also had a coffee with skim milk on campus.

I’ve always loved the fact that our food court has a Spot Coffee and I learned more about that relationship today.

Lunch was eaten in the cafeteria.  A Zucchini and Squash Blend with Vegetable Egg Frittata.

Plus a skim milk/chocolate milk mix over ice.

I’ve so missed the milk machine from my days of undergrad at UM!

My meal was delicious, by the way.  The food service department here does a really amazing job of using tons of local sourced produce, dairy, and eggs.  Plus they only buy cage-free eggs and antibiotic-free meat.

When I got home in the afternoon I snacked on small bowls of leftovers.

Rice with spicy chicken.  Followed by the last small serving of Tex-mex chicken soup.

I am so sad to see this go!  Especially because Adam said not to save the recipe because it was too spicy for him.

Dinner was pretty similar to my snacks, but Indian.

I topped brown rice and roasted eggplant with a serving of Kohinoor India on a Platter Paneer Butter Masala.

This stuff was fabulous!  My roasted eggplant wasn’t very good (I baked it in Worcestershire sauce and honey and it ended up spicy and chewy) but the sauce was totally able to carry it.

It’s close to bedtime but we are going to walk the dog and we may get some chocolate!

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