Weekly Wrap-Up; Birthday, Buffalo, Brooklyn

First things first:  Hi, Jill!  Hi, Nikki!!

Now then.  Everything in this wrap-up is on the go {go, go!}.  The end of July/beginning of August was definitely a fun time for me.  I turned 28, traveled back to Buffalo for five days, and continued the excitement when I got home with some fun trips to Brooklyn.  I’ve made some really tasty meals at home over the past few days too, but I’m going to save them for a subsequent post since this one’s so full.  Off we go!


Adam got home at 7 am that morning, so we kept my entrance into 28 pretty low-key.  I had three birthday objectives…

Glitter nails (which I painted on the subway to the complete horror of the man sitting across from me),




and my free Starbucks birthday drink.


A venti non-fat latte with 1 shot each hazelnut and white chocolate syrup and a nice message to boot.


If you haven’t registered a Starbucks card yet you need to do so; the perks are amazing.

Adam had to go into work that night, but I got to have a very special celebration with some family and friends from St. Thomas.


My aunt and a family friend and her son were all in the city for summer courses/internships and they took me to the very famous Lombardi’s for pizza.


My veggie slices were good, but Pinos is definitely better.

Afterwards, we went somewhere very exciting for dessert.


Rice to Riches has been on my “must-try” list since the first time I lived in the city!  After the long wait it did not disappoint.



The space was great and my pudding (with a candle on top!) was delicious.


I got a diva-sized (aka small) caramel rice pudding that was awesomely creamy.  I will not be waiting another six years to go back, that’s for sure.

Then I took the train home by myself at 2:00 in the morning and got up the next day and drove to Buffalo.


I got lucky and Jean Inman* (a review course for the Dietetics registration exam I have to take) and a good friend’s wedding fell on the same weekend, so I only had to make the 7-hour drive back to Buffalo once this summer.  Not that I’m going to lie – I have been missing the walkability, charm, and fantastic Thai food of Buffalo enormously since the move!

My long weekend was a glorious whirlwind of class, food, friends, and booze, but I had too much fun to take many pictures so I’m just going to share some highlights.

My friend’s wedding was gorgeous, of course.


The bride and groom did so many adorable, sweet things during the ceremony that even I got a bit teary eyed.

On my first night in town I met up with my old coworkers for dinner at Blue Monk (I miss those girls!).


We waited more than an hour for our table and were deeply, dramatically hungry so this shared basket of duck poutine disappeared in about a minute.


My friend and I also shared a grilled cheese that was pretty ridiculous.

On a later day, another group of friends and I walked over to Saigon Cafe for Thai food.  I know I hated Saigon but on my final visit I was finally a fan!  My previous complaint was that their “five-star spicy” was basically unseasoned but this order of Pad See Eiw was so hot that it practically blew smoke out of my ears.


I cooled down my mouth with drinks at Founding Father’s, a bar I loved as much the second time as the first.


Founding Father’s is near the top of the list of things I’ll miss about Buffalo.  Amazingly, I don’t think I ever really blogged about the place I’ll miss the most: Mezza, my number one favorite place in Buffalo.  The food isn’t out of this world, so the bar is kind of a hidden gem, but the drinks are well-made and astonishingly cheap and the bartenders are very cute.  If you live along Elmwood I highly recommend giving Mezza another chance if it’s not already your favorite.

On Sunday, I headed up to Canada to visit the cabin a friend’s family own right along the beach.



It was great to have the sand all to ourselves for the afternoon.

On my last day in town I had coffee at Sweetness_7 with two of my favorite people.


I walked the loop around the perimeter of the zoo and said goodbye to the official buffalo of Buffalo on my way out of town.


It felt like a poetic way to make my final exit from the city that became my home over the last four years.

*Fellow future RDs – I highly recommend doing Inman when you are ready to prepare for the exam.  I haven’t taken the test yet, but the course made me feel 100x better about having to start studying after a summer’s break.  The class is actually taught by {the} Jean Inman and she is absolutely fantastic.  Please feel free to e-mail me if you want more info; I can’t recommend it enough.


One of my Buffalo friends is moving to the city now too {thank, God!} and I met up with her at Sea Thai on Wednesday night.


We went out for drinks afterward so we decided to split dinner to help spread our money a little further and eliminate the hassle of carrying around leftovers.  Lettuce wraps – chicken & peanut wrapped in rice skin and lettuce with red vinaigrette tomato sauce.


And tofu Bangkok Panang Curry – medium spicy curry with string beans and lime leaf.


Plus the best (read: sweetest!) glass of Thai Young Coconut I’ve ever had.


The atmosphere in Sea is great and I want to head back soon for Drunken Noodles.

I was loving Williamsburg while we walked around that night, so it was great that I spent Adam’s day off on Saturday there as well.


I was just too flipping excited about Smorgasburg, a food market that set up near the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Basically it’s a park loaded with stand of delicious, delicious food.

We shared {among other things} frozen s’mores;



Smorgasm and Salted Sailor.  I ordered chocolate and Adam ordered caramel but we switched one bite in when we realize our favorites were the opposite.

An Arnold Palmer Kelvin Slush with caramelized pineapple.


The texture was perfect.

And a mini cone of sweet corn and Old Bay ice cream.


This had just enough spice and was not at all weird like Adam thought it would be.

The best bite(s) of the day was “cheese pop.”



Does any food not get better once you put it on a stick??  I wish I could remember the name of the vendor because the workers were so sweet.

Check out our lunch view –


Getting to stuff myself with cheese right along the water is basically as good as it gets!


NYC readers, have you been to Smorgasburg yet?

Buffalonians, what do you think of Mezza??

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