A Final Trip To Toronto

We are leaving Buffalo in just three short weeks (there is a post on that to come!) and we’ve amassed a long list of “must-do’s” before we leave the area for good.  Topping our list was a final day trip to Toronto.

We headed North on Wednesday and ate, and walked, and ate some more!  Adam and I both decided that it was our best trip this year.

We started our travels at the St. Lawrence Market.






How had I not heard about this foodie heaven before?!  It was a Canadian Reading Market or Faneuil Hall, packed with goodies.  Adam got freshly made potato and cheddar pierogi with fried onions and sour cream.


I went with macarons.


They were beyond swoon-worthy.  Maple toffee and Crème brûlée .


The texture was perfect, and yet, the utterly amazing macarons were not even the best thing I ate all day.

From the market, we drove to Bloor Street, where we parked and continued on foot.  Usually we head to Bloor St. for froyo, but today we had a new destination.


BNC Cake House has been on my to-do list for two long years, ever since I starred this post from Callie in my Google Reader.  Her description of Pat Bing Soo, or shaved ice, has basically haunted my dreams – “A bed of shaved ice … topped with red bean paste, assorted fruits, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and condensed milk.


You guys, it was even better than I was hoping/expecting.


The sweet condensed milk and tangy vanilla frozen yogurt melted down into the shaved ice and melded into something amazing.  The best analogy I have for the texture is to liken it to the Dairy Queen frozen hot chocolates I was obsessed with all year.


We ate every single bite.

To finish the day, we walked over to Koreatown for some grown up food at Pho88.  Actually, I kept my sugar-buzz going just a bit longer with an egg yolk soda.


I tried this drink for the first time way back in 2009 (that link goes to my old blog! when we were living in Brooklyn) but thanks to Pho88’s menu I finally know what’s in it:  club soda, egg yolk, and condensed milk.  I adored it, the flavor is lightened-up egg cream.

I ordered grilled chicken and spring roll vermicelli for my meal.


I couldn’t eat much of my chicken since I’m not really a dark meat fan but that was fine, I mostly wanted to use the noodles and veggies as a base for all of the fabulous, spicy sauces sitting on our table.


I may have left food on my plate but Adam’s was practically licked clean.


He got grilled pork chop and rice with fried egg and he described his meal as “perfect.”

Perfect is how I would describe the day!  We laughed as we wandered through Koreatown that our very favorite way to vacation is to spend the days walking and eating.  Goodbye for now Toronto, I’m sure we will make our way back someday!

Have you ever tried pat bing soo?  What is your favorite vacation activity?

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