My Pictures Went “Poof!”

I’m over the hump!  Three days in a row of full-time interning, cooking meals, and generally being an adult.  And the thought of adding in workouts next week only slightly makes me want to order a pizza and eat it in bed.

[[[Updated to add – I typed my introduction as I was editing today’s photos.  Only when I moved forward to write the next paragraph did I realize that I somehow deleted all of my dinner photos.  {frick! frick! frick!} It is a good thing that I started this post in a chipper mood.]]]

Today was delicious!  Breakfast had two tasty components.



A big glass of Lifeway Lowfat Coconut Chia Kefir.


Yumtastic, this variety is the best kefir I’ve ever had!  Sometimes kefir has a bit of a sour aftertaste to it but this flavor had none of that.  The coconut flavor was pretty subtle so I think this would appeal to you even if you’re not loco for coco(nut).

With a big bowl of (microwaved frozen) peaches topped with 1 tsp brown sugar, 1/3 cup KIND Maple Walnut Clusters with Chia & Quinoa, and a splash of skim milk.


Yesterday’s gross protein smoothie may not have tasted like peach cobbler, but this sure did.

It was a good day at the hospital.  I’m still mostly observing but I got to discuss some pretty interesting patients.  My cases today included eating disorders, ketogenic diets for seizure disorders, and failure to thrive.  So far this experience has really cemented my desire to go into clinical practice when I graduate.

I did get up early to journal, and then I worked through lunch, but I’ve finally taken a chunk out of that project.  There is  still a lot to do tomorrow but tonight I managed to just have down time.  And I did get to eat lunch while I worked.  A big Pink Lady.


Some Skinny Cow peanut butter chocolates.


And I packed us both tuna salad sandwiches.


We split a can of tuna with Miracle Whip, pickle relish, and tons of red onion.


And then I had to chew gum to deal with my horrendous tuna/onion breath.


Worth it.

Afternoon snacks included 3 oz of trail mix eaten in the car.

trail mix

And a strawberry milk tea with popping and tapioca boba from Gin Gin.

bubble tea

I’ve been raving about the double bubbles at Gin Gin for months and today I finally got to take a similarly obsessed friend to experience the wonder.  I’ll have you all know that she too dug through her ice to snag all the boba!

As you know, I don’t have any pictures of dinner.  {grrrrrr}  Thankfully the meal didn’t photograph all that beautifully anyway.  We sautéed linguine, evoo, a bag of frozen veggies (green beans, broccoli, onions, mushroom, and red pepper), 2 eggs, and peanut sauce until crispy and delicious.  We each had a large bowl and loved every bite.

My new fun thing is to be starving an hour after dinner each day.  I’m not going to fight it, but I am trying to stick to mostly healthy(ish) snacks to deal with my hunger.  Today’s 4th meal was a yogurt bowl.


Fage 2% Plain Greek yogurt topped honey and a half serving of granola.  A little more sugary than I’m hoping for every day, but the bowl was luscious and it did fill me up.

Are you a kefir fan?

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