David Boreanaz Is A Hottie

I am really trying to stick to my daily blogging goal, BUT I am tired and cranky.  I guess it is serendipitous that I didn’t eat much today and thus can keep this quick.  I shouldn’t have gone to bed so late last night, but we had a new “Bones” to watch!  Hodgins and Booth were both really flipping hot in the last episode.  When David Boreanaz’ character made a certain face after he took a certain shot (I don’t want to spoil it for any readers who haven’t watched yet) I was basically fanning myself!

To be fair, I’ve been tired and cranky since the moment the day begin.  After Adam and I finished hanging out I stayed up past midnight last night doing absolutely nothing).  And I didn’t pack lunch.  Thanks to those bad choices, I headed to the hospital today without breakfast of lunch.

Breakfast I had to skip, but I did find lunch in the cafeteria.


Pickens were slim, but I came up with a small bowl of chicken gumbo.

When I got home, I made myself this frozen meal.



Not my favorite, though to be fair, the sauce exploded all over my microwave so maybe I didn’t get the full effect.  It was way too rice \-heavy; even in my hungry state I still left some on my plate.

I also snagged three caramels from a box my parents sent.


[Mom – yum!  What were those?  Homemade?]

I would have scrounged for more food, but I had evening plans with a friend.  We went to a $3 showing of Vedgucated.  While we both agreed with a lot of the ideals, neither of us were fans of the movie.  The science was really weak.

When I got home I ate a minneola.


And then I wrote this post.

And that’s all she wrote!

P.S. I also packed lunch.  And I’m planning on going to bed as soon as I get a quick shower.  Tomorrow’s forecast is looking much less cranky.

P.P.S.  Confession: I did also find time this afternoon to watch the last ever episode of Private Practice.

P.P.S.S.  Confession:  I cried.

Have you seen Vedguated yet?  Thoughts?

5 thoughts on “David Boreanaz Is A Hottie

  1. i liked the movie, but prefer Food Inc. for educating my friends and family on the food industry and why I avoid meat and dairy. sorry about your lousy-ish day hope tomorrow is better for ya.

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