Weak-Sauce Weak Tea

Did you know that I started my internship a week before the semester officially begins?  The pediatric hospital I’m working with is in high demand and these dates were the only ones that worked for them.  This is awesome because it means that I have a random free week in the middle of the semester.  But it’s a little tricky because I haven’t gotten a ton of guidance; the meeting to review the expectations for our self-selected internships isn’t until next Monday!

The lack of guidance, coupled with my sub-clinical OCD, creates a few problems.  For example, I know that we have to keep a journal that will help provide documentation to show what we did with our internship hours.  I do not know exactly what is supposed to go in that journal.  For now I’m recording every single freaking thing.  Not surprisingly, journaling is taking forever.  I worked most of the evening and have to wake up early tomorrow to get back at it.

As predicted, today’s lunch was delicious and filling.  When I got home I snacked on a leftover Alexia Artisan Sweet Potato Roll with Smart Balance Light.


The rolls were even better leftover; they stayed very soft.

Also a Fig with Orange Zest Chobani Bite with 1/3 cup KIND Maple Walnut Clusters with Chia & Quinoa.


The granola was knock-your-socks-off good!  I sampled some at FNCE and knew I had to buy a some immediately.  Now Adam loves it too and I am predicting a fight as the bag gets lighter.

I drank a mug of tea with skim milk and sugar to warm up while I worked.


I so want to love tea but the cups I brew at home are too weak!  I basically make (milky sweet) dirty water.  This was 6 oz of water, microwaved for 90 seconds + 2 bags of Republic of Tea Red Velvet Tea steeped for 6 minutes.  Where am I going wrong?!

Thank God Tasty Bite for a quick dinner.



I sautéed 2 pints of mushrooms in butter and evoo then tossed the packet of Vegetable Korma into the hot skillet.  Split between two bowls, on top of a serving of Jasmine Rice each.


This is not a meal that photographs well (at all!), but it was damn tasty.  Plus healthy and quick enough for a busy night.

I was still hungry after dinner (we’ve decided that we have temporarily ruined our stomachs with our out-of-control portion sizes and that we will probably just have to spend a few weeks being a bit hungry) so Adam and I split a minneola.


Gotta love citrus in the winter time!

Please help!  Do you have any tea brewing tips for me?

6 thoughts on “Weak-Sauce Weak Tea

    • Oooh, thanks for the outsource! I would never have the patience to mess with the stove for a cup of tea, but maybe I’ll try the coffee maker.

    • Doesn’t that exceed the recommended steeping time though? I’ve always been told not to leave the bag in for too little OR too much time. Plus, I always end up gulping the bag into my mouth when I leave it in! 😀

      • It might be too long, but I’ve always done it that way. My sisters do too- we must’ve seen someone doing it somewhere and picked up the habit. My friend actually sucks on her teabags instead of wringing them out, and it’s never hurt her, so I guess it just depends on how strong you like your tea.

  1. Hopefully you’re way overdoing the journaling and will be able to cut back next week, once you’ve received better guidance about how you’re supposed to be documenting your time. 🙂

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