A Giveaway: Taste of Treme

Today was souptastic.  And now I realize that I kind of hate soup; good to know.  But the day was fun.

We went on a double date to the Buffalo Soupfest.  Adam and I split a buffalo chicken wing soup,


a lobster bisque,


and a beer and cheese soup (with a pretzel on top!).


And I ate this corn and poblano chowder all on my own.


The last one was my favorite, we all found the others to be too thick.  Even though we didn’t love the soup, it was great to spend time with friends.

I did love the cookie dough ice cream I ate in the car on the way home.



We snacked on some very yummy crab rangoon (from the freezer section at Target) in the afternoon.



I had 8.

…skipping dinner until later because it ties into the giveaway… We were still hungry after our early dinner, so we split a grilled cheese.


Yellow mustard and miracle whip on toasted sandwiches take things to a new level.

We also shared cookies.


The sandwich was better.

Back to dinner.. We made two recipes from my new cookbook, A Taste of Treme: Creole, Cajun, and Soul Food from New Orlean’s Famous Neighborhood of Jazz by Todd-Michael St. Pierre (currently available on Amazon).



Our meal was quite tasty.


Robertson Street Green Onion Soup,


and Shannon’s Cheese Straws.


The soup was pretty good and the cheese straws were fantastic.  I did lots of nibbling while we finished cooking the soup.


Sooooo cheesy and good.

Both recipes were quick and easy and we loved how clear the directions were.  I flipped through the whole cookbook while choosing recipes and was impressed with the clarity of everything.  Plus, several version of roux, Batiste Family Bread Puddin’ with Praline Rum Sauce, and Believe Dat Bananas Foster? You know this is a killer cookbook.  Which is why I’m offering a book to one of you.

For a chance to win a copy of Taste of Treme, leave a comment on this post by noon on Thursday, January 10th.

Note – I was sent the Taste of Treme cookbook for free to review.  All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “A Giveaway: Taste of Treme

  1. Well, I must confess, I love soup, even in the summer time. 🙂 No worries though, your pics look lovely, and I’m drooling at the mouth for a sample.

  2. Every year we get crawfish at the Erie County Fair, and it reminds me of New Orleans. Every thing in this post looks delicious!

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