Exam Eating

Sunday’s 3pm Spot coffee was a terrible mistake.  I got less than three hours of sleep that night!  It made Monday morning’s 6 am Starbucks coffee an absolute necessity.


That’s a tall, non-fat, eggnog latte and it was fabulous!  And I ate a Green Dragon apple (also fabulous) while I read through my notes.


My morning snack was from my #simplesurvivalkit.


A serving of Food Should Taste Good Chocolate Tortilla Chips to scoop up green salsa.


I had time to go home between my exam (went well-ish!) and work so I made myself a delicious plate of eggs for lunch.


At that point I still thought I was making a healthy dinner so I kept my eggs simple with no veggies.  Just 5 chopped slices of turkey – just regular old honey roasted like for sandwiches – cooked in 1 Tbsp Earth Balance with 2 eggs and Cabot’s Sharp Cheddar Light Cheese scrambled in.


They were amazing; I’m having a total love affair with eggs recently.

I brought a Hint Blackberry Fizz with me for my 8.5 hour shift.


The Fizz was good, but it didn’t pack the caffeine-punch that I desperately needed.

At one point during my shift I was so tired that I was in an actual daze!  On three different occasions I wanted to call Adam to bring me something and I had to really crank up my brain to work through why that didn’t make sense.  <– he was out-of-town

I ended up using the work Keurig to make an extra-strength coffee with cream and sugar.

I stopped at the Co-op for food the minute I got off of work.


I shoved that Orzo Greek Salad into my face while walking around 7-11.  Classy.

I had to run another errand on the way home from work and I called my parents to tell them I was home safely and suddenly it was 11 pm.  I was exhausted and cranky and so hungry I felt like I was going to pull my hair out if I didn’t get food into my mouth immediately.

I ended up eating a bunch of crap and staying up too late but not studying.  Of course.  Homemade nachos that I ate so quickly I think even Webster was a little disgusted.


That’s 2-ish servings of Nacho Cheese Tortilla PopChips microwaved with cheese.


I bought the chips with a sweet free coupon that PopChips sent me and sadly I don’t think I like the tortilla version as much as the originals.  Something about the texture feels off to me.  To be fair, PopChips are amazing so the standard was set high.

Plus Tandoor Chef Vegetable Pad Thai,


and a bowl of melted pb with cocoa powder.


I wish I could tell you that today has been better on the fruit and veggies front but sadly that’s not true.  This is definitely a week of exam eating.

Breakfast of champions.


Plus this Boston Cream Pie Seltzer that I thought would be amazing but ended up getting passed to a friend after one sip because it made me gag.


I have adored Polar this year though and one bad flavor won’t turn me off.  I am very excited about the Pear Vanilla I bought with it.  And I am crossing my fingers and toes that the Eggnog flavor with be out again in time for Christmas.

Starting at 7:40 I had two very frustrating meetings on campus.  I don’t know if I get to graduate or not (getting a 2nd degree vs. just taking the classes needed to sit for the RD exam), I don’t really understand what I need to have done for next semester, and I have lots more to do before Thursday.

I took a walk home to clear my head and got Subway for lunch.  A 6-inch tuna sub with lots of red onions.


Do you have a Subway rewards card yet?  Because my sandwich was free!

And I’ve got a healthy dinner waiting for me in the fridge…


Or just “a dinner.”  I’m blogging my winner of a dinner in advance because I have to go back to school for another meeting at 2:00 and then tomorrow morning I have two final exams that are going to crush me.

Plus this afternoon I am taking a study break to do something crazy.  There is a hint in this postCan you guess???

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