Happy Hanukkah!

I know I’m a day late on the holiday wishes but 2nd-out-of-8 is not so bad.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve been in a flurry of studying, but in fact I worked almost 22 hours between Friday and Saturday.  I am exhausted, cranky, and not as prepared for tomorrow’s exam as I’d like.  But it is what it is and I’m just glad I have a job.

Some Friday/Saturday Highlights

I made another round of eggs with seitan.


And had a mug cookie both days.


Also pizza both days…

I had my first Starbucks red cup.


A gingerbread latte (I didn’t love it!) while forcing myself to study with a friend after work.

What I Was Up To Today (Sunday)

Other than oversleeping and wasting some time in the morning, today was nice and productive.  Apparently my body just doesn’t want to study before noon!

I was excited to try this Oro Blanco for breakfast.


Whenever I spot something I haven’t heard of before at the grocery store I just have to buy it.  Adam and I used to love Ugli fruit when we lived in the city and I was hoping this would be similar.

The Oro Blanco had a very thick layer of skin and pith like the Ugli fruit, but the flavor was not my favorite.


It was bitter in a way that made my stomach hurt and I ended up throwing it out after three segments.

Instead I split a Mike’s bagel sandwich with a friend.


The Mike’s sandwich is a bagel topped with cream cheese, provolone, and a fried egg.  It is amazing and ridiculous.

We spent almost six hours at The Spot so the sandwich was only the first of three orders.  I also had an iced coffee with skim milk.


And shared a slice of cheesecake (with a pretzel crust and chocolate ganache!) with a friend.


I just have to say – thank goodness for my great groups of friends or I would not have accomplished a damn thing today!  We went through the notes as a group and it was so helpful.  Not that I’m feeling all that great about a comprehensive exam in one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken!

I snacked on baby carrots with blue cheese dressing when I got home.


Plus a Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale.


I have 3 pumpkin beers left over from October and I need to drink them before their out-of-season-ness drives me crazy.

I went to my freezer to get a little festive for 2nd night of Hanukkah dinner.



3 cheese blintzes from Manischewitz.



Frozen carrot slices and brocoli baked in 1 Tbsp Smart Balance, 1 Tbsp maple syrup, and salt.


Both of the dinner components were very tasty.  I bought a bunch of frozen vegetables on my last grocery trip and I’m actually looking forward to using them.  And I have half a box of blintzes left that for which I need to purchase sour cream.

Dessert was very unnecessary, but also fun.


Biscoff Buddies!  I have a special version of “puppy chow” in the works and since I’ve never actually made puppy chow before, I wanted to do a trial run with a single serving batch.


For this version I used: 3/4 cup honey squares, 1 Tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips, 2 Tbsp Biscoff spread, and 1 Tbsp powdered sugar.

Who else thinks I shouldn’t be blogging at midnight when I have a giant exam at 7:40 am?  Whoops!

4 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah!

  1. That’s funny, we had a similar experience with the oro blanco. I usually buy unfamiliar fruits so when I saw these at Wegmans I was excited to try them with the kids. I halved them and scooped out the sections. We all took one bite and started laughing. It was like a rotten grapefruit. But at least we tried it. I have been wanting to try dragon fruit for years but can’t find them anywhere. I did see one a couple months ago but it was soggy and sad looking. Have you ever had Is it worth trying or should I give up the search?

    • That’s so funny! Rotten grapefruit is pretty accurate.

      I have not tried dragon fruit yet, it’s always too expensive to justify. Let me know if you guys give it a go!

      I grew up eating star fruit (carambola) – I actually had a tree in my backyard and I used to sell the fruit! – and I highly recommend purchasing that if you ever spot it.

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