I’m Packed, With Pizza

In less than 12 hours, I’ll be headed to Philly!  Guess I should be getting in bed, huh?  Between clinic, packing, and baking what felt like a million things, it was a busy day.

Food at the hospital.  GoGo Squeez cinnamon applesauce packet and a vanilla Stinger waffle.

1 serving of Vanilla Almond Special K with Tempt vanilla hemp milk, chopped plum and nectarine, and 1.5 Tbsp chunky honey peanut butter.

Taste-test #1; look for the recipe on Monday.

Here’s a hint –

Taste-test #2; look for the post on Tuesday.

Taste-test #3; my Buttered Rum Raisin Cookies.

Actually, I “tested” two cookies.  Adam and I have decided that these cookies are the best I’ve ever made!  My friends and I are staying with a high school friend of mine for a night before the conference starts and I’m saying “thank you” with a big box of cookies.

Grocery store sample.

Adam and I split this plate of carbs and veggies (lasagna, mac and cheese, kale, tofu, and broccoli).

I ended up mostly sticking with the greens.  I realized two bites in that the “vegetarian lasagna” was loaded with pork!!!!  So sad; but on the plus side we got our food comped so Adam ate for free.

I tried again with pizza plate for dinner.

Veggie slice, buffalo chicken roll up, baby carrots, and blue cheese for dipping.

When was the least time you ate something you didn’t mean to?

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