Even My Food Was On The Move!

Oh boy!  I don’t have a lot to show for today because the whole day was crazy.  I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off from 7 am to midnight.  Going out-of-town for five days will make your to-do list a little insane.  And I haven’t even started to pack; mostly I was taking care of school errands.

Breakfast was an energy drink during class.

And I drank 4oz of Chamaeleon Cold Brew coffee over ice with skim milk and a chocolate pb magic straw on my walk to work.

Solid food didn’t happen until dinner; I was honestly too busy to eat all day!

Thankfully dinner was fun, filling, and a line through my to do list birthday goal list.  Adam came into the store just before we closed and told me to hurry because he had a surprise for me.  My bosses guessed a new puppy (if only!), I figured it would be something pumpkin flavored, and my co-worker had her money on booze.

None of the above.  He hurried me over to Delaware Park because he had spotted Lloyd’s Taco Truck and knew a food truck visit was on my list.

Thanks, honey!

I ordered the Tricked Out Nachos and was not disappointed.

White corn chips served with salsa roja, homemade Lloyd queso, chimichurri sour cream, brined jalapeños and pickled red onions, topped with stewed black beans.

Even with a day’s worth of hunger I couldn’t quite finish that monster serving!

For dessert we split the Puddin’ Cup.

Rich chocolate puddin’, dulce de leche caramel, and pumpkin seed brittle.

I guess I got my pumpkin after all!

Are you a food truck fan?  What’s the tastiest item you’ve gotten on the go?

2 thoughts on “Even My Food Was On The Move!

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