Apple Month Round-Up

09/04/14 means we are four days into Apple Month!  P.S. Two different friends texted me about Apple Month in the beginning of September and I pretty much died of happiness.  I love it when I can share my thematic fervor with others.

Hopefully you guys are planning on celebrating September with lots of apple goodies as well – don’t you dare order a Pumpkin Spice Latte this month! – so I wanted to share a few of my favorite items.

* Trader Joe’s freeze-dried Fuji Apple Slices are my all-time favorite dried fruit.


They are unsweetened and unsulphured.  The slices are sweet, and closer to chewy than crumbly like some freeze-dried fruit can be.

* Caramel apples are good in theory but messy and impossible in person, caramel apple flavored candies are much better.


I was impressed with the Werther’s last year (along with caramel apple Milky Ways that I don’t think are available any more but recommend buying if you spot them), and the Twizzlers were a pleasant surprise.  The caramel filling has the perfect amount of sweetness and grit.

* All of the Crispin ciders are good, but Honey Crisp is our favorite.


This is the sweetest hard cider I’ve ever tasted.

* Ole Smoky send me a jar of their Apple Pie Moonshine and it has become my new favorite thing for themed drinking.


Adam and I took some sips straight from the jar and were thrilled with it; quite sweet and smooth and the flavor truly is apple pie filling.

old smoky apple pie moonshine

I included the recipe for my new September drink below, and I’ve also started dreaming of some kind of apple moonshine shot with something creamy like half & half, in a honey and graham cracker rimmed shot glass, of course.


Apple Pie à la Moonshine, serves 1

  • 2 oz Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine
  • 1 oz Goldschläger  (any cinnamon vodka would work here as well)
  • ginger ale to taste

Pour Ole Smokey and Goldschläger over ice.  Top with ginger ale.  Garnish with an apple slice if you’re fancy.

apple pie a la moonshine -

The Moonshine was provided to me free of charge to review, but all of the other products were purchased with my own money.  I was not provided with further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.  I just really like theme months.

What is your favorite item for Apple Month?  Are you going to go for the early release PSL, or wait for October like a sane person?

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