I’m Relleno

Hello from Ohio.  We’re not here for a happy reason but I’m happy we made it here safely.

We stayed up late catching up on TV last night and I got hungry again.  I served myself a big bowl of cereal with skim milk; Cheerios and some raisin/bran/crunch thing.

I had breakfast food for my late-night snack and dinner food for breakfast.

A grilled cheese with Cabot 50% Reduced Sharp Cheddar and Sriracha mayo,

and a sliced honey crisp.

This meal was great but my next bite was terrible.  I stole a piece of Adam’s chicken bites from McDonalds –

Ewwwwwww!  So fried tasting and gross.

My dad flew into Buffalo this afternoon and we picked him up at the airport and headed off on our road trip.  Since we had a “road-guest” we stopped for an actual dinner.

Torero’s served us some damn fine Mexican food!  Pretty healthy too!  Here was my plate –

Black beans,


and the Vegi-chiladas.  “Steamed carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, yellow squash and zucchini rolled into two flour tortillas, topped with our salsa Mazatlán and garnished with Monterrey Jack cheese.  Served with sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes.”

I ordered my enchiladas sans cheese because I also had a chile relleno waiting for me on my dad’s plate.

Stuffed peppers are usually my favorite Mexican dish but this guy was a little too fried for me.  I ended up eating about a third of everything, except I ate 1.25 tortillas and every single bite of vegetable.

I ate two Samoa Jumbles in the car for dessert.

Still good.

Where is your favorite road trip stop?

2 thoughts on “I’m Relleno

  1. Those enchiladas look so good! I love Mexican food, and I think I love it enough to call it my favorite cuisine.

    I actually hate stopping during trips because I’m so neurotic. If the ETA on the GPS starts creeping up, I’m likely to start not-so-quietly going insane. I’d pee on the side of the road if my husband would let me. That being said, whenever we drive up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, there is a 7-11 we nearly always stop at right before our place. We stop because they have a fountain drink machine that will mix your choice of lemon, vanilla, or cherry syrup in with your soda. Diet Cherry Coke after a 7-hour drive? YES PLEASE.

    I hope the next few days are as easy as possible for you!

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