Easter Dinner

I hope everyone’s Easter, Passover, or April weekends have been full of family and fun.  It’s been good being here in Ohio and seeing lots of familiar faces.  I’m feeling pretty good too but definitely still in need of sleep so I’ll keep this quick.

Breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, piece of turkey bacon, toast with butter.

Lunch.  Pieced together as best I could.

Cup of carrots.

Cup of Sahale Snacks Almonds with Honey, Cranberry + Sea Salt.

Mid-afternoon snack/fun.  We walked over to the Cracker Barrel gift shop to peruse the old-time goodies.

Adam and I split a Double Cola.

And I finally got to try divinity candy, a Southern treat made of sugar, corn syrup, and egg whites.

I had that piece shown x 3.  Delicious but the back of my throat felt like it was burning with all of the sugar.

Appetizer.  A bagel chip with blue cheese pecan spread.  x2.

Drink.  Bud Light with Lime.


Orzo salad.

Party potatoes.

Stir-fried veggies.

Pretzel roll with butter. x2.

Fruit salad.


Did you decorate Easter eggs this year?

3 thoughts on “Easter Dinner

  1. I unfortunately did not decorate eggs this year, I went into work for OT! I think that those party potatoes look AMAZING. I hope that you have posted the recipe somewhere. Please lead me to the post where the party potatoes are posted! 🙂

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