Three Dessert Sunday

The weekend is over and I didn’t catch up on any sleep, aaaahh!  After our late night (cough, 4:30, cough cough) I was thrilled to wake up to a pre-made breakfast.  Overnight oats in a jar.

In a pb jar with just a little peanut butter left (approximately 2 Tbsp) I combined 1/4 cup of oats, 1/4 cup Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk, and a caramel Oikos.

It was delicious.  And I have another round of OIAJ planned for tomorrow too, woot.

Lunch was leftovers.

They weren’t mine but they were good.

My mom got this cucumber salad as the side with her meal at Lagerhaus 95.

This afternoon I had a shift at work and an errand to run so I was thrilled when I came home to dinner already made.

Adam made tuna mac (cheap mac and cheese with spinach, edamame, and tuna stirred in).

I added more veggies (edamame and peas) and cheese (a few cubes of sharp cheddar) to my serving.

It was good but box mac and cheese is always disappointingly bland.

Then came desserts.  Yes, sssssss; there were three.  First was a Jell-o ‘Smores Pudding cup.

Meh.  I thought it would be more exciting than it was.  But Adam loved it, and now I’m inspired to make a better, homemade version soon.

Second was apple dippers.

A green apple dipped in a heaping Tbsp each Crunchy Biscoff and Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.

Delicious.  You can’t go wrong with either of those dips.

Finally, I ate four Dove Coconut Cream Eggs.

Perfect!  My mom bought me these for Easter with strict instructions not to open them until next Sunday but they are already mostly gone, whoops.

What Easter candy are you most excited for?

4 thoughts on “Three Dessert Sunday

  1. hi emily! soooo i picked up a weird item at weggies the other day and was just wondering if you tried it – so delicious protein plus almond milk. i love the concept, since almond milk is sadly lacking in protein, but i thought the texture was too gloppy for cereal. HOWEVER, i also made overnight oats for this morning and i used that stuff and it was perfect.

    re: easter candy: my favorite is a quality chocolate bunny and my second favorite are these from see’s:

    too bad they’re sold out – they are THAT GOOD. 🙂

    • Oooooh, those jelly eggs look so good! Are they sort of like the fruit slice candies?

      I’ve been eyeing that almond milk too, thanks for the review. I like the Silk variety so much that it’s hard for me branch out.

      We need to get together soon!

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