Not My Birthday

It’s Adam’s birthday so I’m going to keep this post quick and cursory.  Well, it’s sort of his birthday.  But not really.  I’ll explain in a minute.

This morning was about as lazy as it gets.  I stayed in bed until past noon and it was glorious.  Then Adam and I headed out for a late lunch at Mangoz, a new Jamaican place in our neighborhood.

We split a plate of stewed chicken with plantains and beans and rice.

It was amazing.  The best Caribbean food either of us has had since leaving home.

And they had pink Ting.

We’ll be back.

My one accomplishment today was a quick trip to the gym.  30 minutes on the elliptical, random level 6And I did some studying while I worked out.  Followed by a super quick stretch/strength session.

But that was sort of where the productivity ended.  We decided to spend the day doing fun stuff (in celebration of Adam turning 26 tomorrow).  Adam opened all of his presents a day early.

And I even made an effort to fix my hair.

We went to the mall so Adam could use a gift certificate at Dicks, and cashed in a coupon for Aunt Annie’s as well.

We split this pretzel, slathered in mustard.

The husband’s choice for birthday dinner was Indian food.  I got a fig lassi.

And we split a paneer pakora (fried cheese) for an appetizer.

I got the vegetable Korma, with extra okra, for dinner.

I demolished it.  I made three plates, and ate every last drop (literally!).

I made myself a little bit ill, but that didn’t stop me from drinking 90% of this coffee milkshake I “shared” with Adam.

Whoops.  And now we’re gleefully watching tv.

It’s been a good day, even if it’s not my birthday (or the husband’s!).

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