Forever And A Day

Adam says he had a great 26th birthday.

And I’m just glad that I’m no longer the older woman.

No blogging yesterday because I spent the day sleeping, eating, working or playing.  <– there was too much of the first two and not enough of the second

My first final of the semester (at 7:40 am!) did not go well.  But I shook it off, literally, with a trip to the gym.  30 minutes on the elliptical, random level 6.  I took my notes on the elliptical with me and my afternoon test went much better.

The food situation was pretty weak today.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  I was too busy fighting with the husband to pack lunch this morning (someone was cranky and it wasn’t him) and I didn’t want to spend the money to buy food on campus.  Adam and I desperately needed to go to the grocery store so I had him pick me up from school, but that meant waiting on campus until after 5pm.

Since we both hadn’t eaten all day we ended up deciding to split a small plate at Wegmans.

I ate 2 dumplings and most of the veggies and Adam had the rest.

And I was extra glad that I got something into my stomach because it took forever and a day for us to figure out dinner after that.  Finally, hours later, I sat down to a big plate of black bean nachos.

It’s been months since my full-on nacho addiction and I think they’ve officially broken their hold over me.  Not to say I didn’t enjoy downing that entire plate, but I think I’m good going another 6 months before I have more.

5 thoughts on “Forever And A Day

  1. isn’t it funny how our brains DO NOT WORK without food? (I don’t mean that in a “we’re nutrition students and we should know this” kind of way…more of a “NO WONDER i’m so cranky and yelling at my husband!” kind of way…)
    good luck on the rest of your finals!

  2. You have such a well rounded diet-I have struggled with both anorexi & binge eating disorder(bed) which is my most current condition:(
    May I ask how many calories you eat daily? do you keep track…I have no idea where to start:(

    • I try to pay attention to how many calories I take in but my diet is so all over the place lately that I wouldn’t feel comfortable stating a specific number. I think it’s important to remember too, that what works for one person won’t be the case for another. Everyone’s needs are different.

      If you are struggling with disordered eating I highly recommend that you speak to a psychologist who specializes in that area. The NEDA website would be a great resource for finding more about what is available near you – Good luck, I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

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