Peas, Planets, and Parties

Did everyone have a good Friday night?  Mine was fun but late-ish (hence the morning post).

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out; pretending to work but mostly laughing my head off over the latest “South Park” and “New Girl” episodes.  Have you seen “The New Girl” yet?  Have you seen it more than once?  I saw the pilot and vowed never to return but when a recent episode touted Justin Long I made an exception.  And then I went back and watched all of the episodes I missed.  Awkward first episode, hysterical first season.

Afternoon snacks included popcorn,

a Biscoff spread spoon,

and a piece of this Theo Gingerbread Spice Bar.

I didn’t care for the raw ginger taste of this that much, but the husband (whose taste is a bit stunted due to his missing sense of smell) was a fan.

My late lunch and Adam’s early dinner was easy, peasy, cheesy, and a bit disappointing.

We gussied up boxed mac ‘n cheese with roasted zucchini, tons of peas, a little bit of butter, and a dollop of reduced-fat cream cheese.

But the peas – which we usually love – totally consumed all of the other flavors.  Every bite tasted like pea!  And the cheese factor was completely lacking.

My evening adventures included a stop at the planetarium.

Adam and I went early this year to a Broadway light show that wasn’t really our speed, though we could tell that most of the other patrons were loving it.  The director happened to come across my unenthusiastic post online and asked if I’d like a few free tickets so I could see another show that I might enjoy more.

So last night Anna, Janessa, and I slapped on our 3-D glasses and went to see the Laser Holiday Show.

This time I knew most of the songs and could sing along (in my head!) and I had a great time.  We all agreed that it was a great way to kick off the holiday season. 

Note – I was given the tickets as an unsatisfied customer working with a passionate program director, NOT as a blogger expected to give a review.

Our next stop was the holiday party one of our professors hosted to celebrate the end of the semester.

I was designated driving so I stuck with two glasses of the amazing punch.

Our teacher is a great cook and she made us dinner.  I started with two cheesy-artichoke phyllo dough things.

And here’s my dinner plate –

Some green beans, an eggplant dish, and a chicken dish my professor told me is similar to Chicken Makhani.

Plus cheesecake for dessert.


Then I drove my friends home, made a snowy trek down Elmwood to the bar I thought Adam and his friends were at, came home to find him sound asleep with his phone turned off, and dove into my warm bed around 12:30.

And now I’m off to find breakfast.

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