Plums and Cream

last night

No post last night because no dinner.  Adam got home way later than we expected and I didn’t have the will or the ambition to chop kale at 8pm.  I love to prepare nice meals for him when he’s home to eat them hot (and to help with the prep!) but I’m not sure how that will go as his schedule becomes more like a doctor’s.  I always though I was the type to prepare a nice meal no matter what, but now I think my single girl dinners would probably have been cereal!

Do you cook differently for your significant other than you would when on your lonesome?


Since I went to bed without an evening meal I needed a nice breakfast to pick up the slack.

Done and done.  This oatmeal bowl rocked my world.

Usually I’m not as oattastic as other healthy living bloggers (especially in the summer months) but I picked up some gorgeous red plums at Wegmans the other day and I knew this meal needed to be made.

A base of Oat Revolution cinnamon roll instant oatmeal with skim milk, topped with sugar plums.

Can I be honest?  I don’t actually know what a sugar plum is.  But what I did was saute two chopped red plums in a smidge of butter, tossing in 2 tsp of brown sugar towards the end.  I don’t know if this is the traditional method, but it was a successful one.  My plums had a sweet yet toasty flavor and they were melty.

My lack of dinner was totally forgotten.

Can I be honest about something else?  Sometimes I hate the dog.

I know he’s just being a puppy right now, but he’s driving me crazy.  Sometimes I pick him up in a hug and then I say in my sweetest voice “you were on sale and no one else will ever love you.”

I’m afraid that may be telling of my future parenting style.

4 thoughts on “Plums and Cream

  1. Stick with dogs, Emily. I’m almost 32 and have only ever had my dog, and I’m so glad I didn’t have babies. They’re overrated, because they stop being babies and then become teenagers. And Webster is so CUTE. ❤

    (Here's where all the mothers who read your blog will flame me. I'm okay with that. LOL)

    I don't know what sugar plums are either, but your version of them sounds good enough to me! Yum!

  2. Actual sugar plums are GROSS. Well, I think they are. Ughh…I tried some on a whim once, and I don’t know whether they were under-ripe or what…but they were nasty. Yours look better 🙂

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