Lilia, Looking Glass, Loves

In spite of the rain, Adam and I had an absolutely lovely weekend.  Let’s be real though, we think going to the grocery store is a hot date, so pretty much anytime we’re together is considered lovely!

We tried a new restaurant, explored Prospect Heights a bit, spent a rainy morning running errands, saw “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (<– only ok), got in a long walk with the dog before the rain, and caught up on TV.  I even managed to get in a short run before the skies opened.  I was up and out of bed before 7:30 on Sunday which gave us a much earlier start than usual.

Here are the highbites…  <— ahahahaha

Did everyone celebrate National Donut Day on Friday?  Doughnut Plant gave out free mini sprinkle doughnuts with all purchases.


I got a tres leches cake doughnut and a super strong Vietnamese iced coffee.  The freebie was actually my favorite part.

Soursop (my favorite fruit!) juice from Gloria’s.


It smelled amazing in there and we want to go back and get a meal soon.

The movie may not have been great but our cola-themed snacks were on point.


We weren’t expecting much from 7-11 brand pop rocks but they were the fizziest I’ve ever had.

Saturday night we tried out a new restaurant in Williamsburg – Lilia.


Our meal ended up being fabulous!  We started with housemade mozzarella on toasted garlic bread with lemon and bottarga (salted, cured fish roe).


Plus roasted trumpet mushrooms with arugula, balsamic, and toasted almonds.  The ‘shrooms were too chewy for my taste, but Adam adored them.


And I had an Aperol Spritz that was fantastic with our appetizers.


My dinner was the best plate of the night, sheep’s milk cheese filled agnolotti pasta with saffron, honey, and dried tomatoes.  The creamy filling and (wonderfully) chewy pasta were wonderful with the slightly sweet and spicy (thanks to a bit of pepper) sauce.  We were both swooning.


We had to go to dinner quite early to ensure we could score a table as a walk-in so we had time afterwards for more date night fun.  Brooklyn Cupcake – oreo cheesecake and flan filled.


And beers at Barcade.


Adam and I had an absolute blast playing a two-player game where you hunted ghosts.  I never played arcade games with guns growing up but I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Sunday’s dinner made use of a former freebie – Popkoff’s Chicken Pelmeni.  The dumplings were delicious, the chicken was perfectly seasoned.


We tossed them with sautéed onion, shredded brussels sprouts, and chicken hot dog, and Neufchatel cheese and smoked paprika.


I have one more Popkoff’s coupon and then I will definitely be buying the products with my own money.

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