St. Thomas, 2016

I took Friday and Monday off and spent a four day weekend in St. Thomas visiting my parents.  It was really nice to get into the sun!

I didn’t take many food pictures, mostly I just texted Adam a million kissy-faced selfies.





Here are the top four eats I did capture…

1.  Dinner at Longboard in St. John.  We shared a chips with a guacamole, hummus, queso trio.  That’s my frozen painkiller in the foreground.


And I had a fajita salad with grilled mahi.


Delicious.  The culinary themes for this trip were fresh seafood and local rum.

2. My favorite turkey bacon bagel sandwich from Barefoot Buddha. <– the sandwich I ate on my wedding day


Plus a Vietnamese iced coffee.

3. A giant cheese calzone.


Stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and black olives.

4. Key lime pie!


Served on plain Greek yogurt with a scoop of ground flax seed because that’s seriously the best way to eat key lime pie.



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