“Weekend” Top Three

I can’t really call it the weekend because it was my turn to work Saturday and Sunday and I go in today as well (boo).  But I then I have Tuesday off (yay).  Every 4-6 weeks I will be working S/S in exchange for two free weekdays.  It was a little strange to be in the diet office all by myself but I got a ton of work done and saw some really interesting patients.

Here are the top three food highlights, I enjoyed the weekend work but it certainly was tiring, you can safely assume that I ate chips in bed for dinner on Saturday…

{1} Sweet breakfasts to lure myself out of bed.

Not only did I work on the weekend, I went in an hour earlier than usual!  <– because the thought of being at work until 5 on a Sunday was just too much.  I had to bribe myself out the door.  Nonfat iced eggnog latte.


Fried dough for Hanukkah.


My marzipan doughnut and roasty coffee were both delicious and were fantastic together.  FYI, Brooklyn people – Doughnut Plant also has a few Hanukkah special doughseeds this week.

{2} Fresh tamarind.

My coworker brought us in tamarind last week.  I haven’t eaten it fresh in years.


Enough time had passed that I forgot how obnoxiously stringy it is.


I think I will stew the rest of my share.

{3} 1st night of Hanukkah dinner at Mile End.

ME is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots.  I love how inventive the menu is (modern takes on traditional Jewish dishes all made on a tiny grill and fryer behind an open counter) and the meats and vegetables are expertly prepared.


We started with blintzes with apple maple crumble on top.  The chef whipped these up from scratch a foot in front of us!  They were outstanding, obviously.


And we didn’t do latkes but we did have French fries in chicken gravy poutine.


I got the sprouts kugel for dinner.  Egg noodles with steamed and fried brussels sprouts, cottage cheese, and a soft egg on top.


I grew up eating sweet kugel with raisins and this savory iteration is the best I’ve ever had.  In fact, this was simply one of the best (top 5) dishes I’ve had all year!

Happy 2nd night of Hanukkah to my readers who celebrate!

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