This weekend some friends and I traveled (many hours!) back to Buffalo for a quick visit.  It was fantabulous!  We got lucky with good weather, caught up with great friends, and hit up almost every place that we’d been missing.  We didn’t take even a single group photo because apparently we’re old, but a good time was had by all.


I didn’t get any people pictures and I didn’t take many food shots either.  Here are a few things I did capture…

Mike’s sandwich – a toasted bagel with cheese, cream cheese, and a fried egg – at SPoT Coffee.


Plus we got coffee there every morning because it was roasty and delicious.  Clearly I can get amazing coffee in NYC but SPoT is still one of the main places I miss.

Green juice at Ashker’s.


Spinach, kale, cucumber, pineapple, and mint.

Drinks at Blue Monk which now offers 5 oz pours.


Shown is a very tasty Downeast Cider.

Crepes at Sweetness 7.


Mine was topped with syrup and a fried egg.

Hot bar at Wegman’s, of course.


We actually went to Wegman’s twice!

We also went to the Co-op, walked up and down Elmwood Ave, and did a round of lemon drop shots for my upcoming birthday


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