This Week I…

…Made a Redux recipe that I can’t post yet so I don’t have much to share today.  Also we got Chipotle twice.

…Love love loved some of Polar’s summer seltzer flavors.



You can’t go wrong with fizzy strawberry.

…Finished season 3 of OITNB.  I wasn’t a fan.  But of course I kept watching and will still watch season 4 next year.  I hated every single major decision Piper made this season!

…Tried the last three flavors from my GoMacro sample package.

Cashew butter (sweet rejuvenation) tastes exactly like a pureed cashew so your level of love for cashews would definitely affect your enjoyment of this bar.


Peanut butter (protein replenishment) wasn’t my favorite; it was too boring.


But banana + almond butter (prolonged power) was amazing; it tastes like a dried banana!  The texture works perfectly here.


P.S.  My coffee this week was Brooklyn Roasting Co’s Peru blend cold-brewed with cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla bean.  So good.

…Ate a veggie and cheese omelet for breakfast the next day and it was like I hardly knew myself.


I have to give the cafeteria credit though, this was delicious.

…Read this Buffy the Vampire Slayer article on Buzzfeed and wondered how it’s possible that anyone has a favorite character that isn’t Anya.  From any show ever, not just Buffy.  Though Kitty from That 70’s Show is also pretty wonderful.

…Ate some amazing yogurt bowls for lunch.

Soursop yogurt with plucot and white nectarine and Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes.


Salted caramel Greek yogurt with KIND peanut butter granola and a white nectarine.


Plain Siggi’s with plucot and yellow nectarine and a giant chocolate chip cookie.


We baked Take a Megabite’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are fantastic!  And yes, I totally crumbled that cookie into my yogurt.

…Adore LL Cool J for giving me Lip Sync Battle.  Celebrities compete against each other in choreographed lip syncing madness and it is hilarious.  My love for Anna Kendrick grew exponentially when she killed it against John Krasinski, but Anne Hathaway’s “Wrecking Ball” is clearly the standout performance of the season.

…Packed for Buffalo.  Some friends and I are driving there for a visit today!

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