Weekly Wrap-Up; Appletastic

I don’t have a ton to share today – it’s only been two days since my last wrap-up and I didn’t photograph snacks at all – but what I do have is appletastic.  More than 50% of these eats involved apple in some form!  Let’s do this post old-school style…

Wednesday morning I made myself a go-cup of iced cold brew with vanilla almond milk.


A few minutes after I snapped that picture I spilled the entire thing in my lap.  Whoops.

It was a good day to lose my coffee because I had a nice breakfast already packed for work.


2% Coconut Chobani topped with two types of sliced plucot and some fresh raspberries.  I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do when plucot season ends, they are my very favorite.  I’ve even gotten the husband hooked on them, finally.

I had an extra-busy morning at work playing catch up.  On Tuesdays I do coverage care on inpatient floors in the hospital so I’m not in the clinic.  Usually I only miss 1 or 2 new patients because that’s our slow day, but this week we got slammed, and I came in on Wednesday to several charts on my desk.  I spent the morning trying to call people to set up appointments but of course none of the numbers on file worked.  <– major flashbacks to my teacher days!

Lunch was apple walnut oatmeal with TJ’s freeze-dried apples.


Appletastic!  {I promise to stop saying that now.  At least for this post.}

I thought I was fine without my morning coffee, but I practically missed my train home because I was so desperate to get a cup.


Adam was working a 24-hour shift so I was on my own for the evening.  Fueled by caffeine, I had grand plans of hitting the gym and then cooking a respectable meal to leave in the fridge for the husband.  Really though, I ate two bags of microwave popcorn for dinner after reading this Buzzfeed sad Buffy Tumblr round up and crying so hard that I upset the dog.

Yesterday morning I had much more success with my java.  Coconut iced coffee – cold brew with Almond Joy creamer, skim milk, and coconut water – for the win.


Plus a KIND apple cinnamon & pecan bar.

Lunch stayed on theme.


An apple cinnamon raisin Fage with an acutal apple.  Plus I ate Good & Plenty and Diet Dr. Pepper at my desk while I charted at the end of the day.  I’m not sure what my deal is but I have been crazy obsessed with licorice lately.  I knew my lunch wasn’t big enough so I had also packed a seaweed snack for the afternoon but then I couldn’t bear to have anything but G&P.

Dinner came from the grill.  Our unseasonably warm weather has the upside that it encourages outdoor cooking.


Jennie-O recently sent me some coupons, so the timing was perfect.  P.S.  The timing is good for your too, Jennie-O is running a sweepstakes through September 14th.


Please note, I purchased the turkey with a free product coupon.  I was not provided with further compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

My burger making skills?  Not so perfect.  There’s a reason that Adam is usually in charge of the grill.  I thought I had a genius idea, to make the patties out of just lean ground turkey, Worcestershire sauce, bbq sauce, and crumbled blue cheese. 


Without bread crumbs or some other binder, the patties were wet and strange and they never did quite become burgers.  Next time I’ll use one of their recipes.

Our Moa kiwi hard cider definitely took some of the sting out of my failure.


And overall dinner was pretty delicious.


These were the two best looking patties, if that tells you anything.  I ended up smothering them in more bbq sauce.


Plus corn on the cob – grilled in tin foil packets with evoo and truffle salt.


And asparagus – marinated in evoo and Bone Suckin’ mustard before it went on the grill.


Not bad, not bad at all.  And while I wrote this post I snacked on a small bowl of melted peanut butter (TJ’s chunky pb with chia and flax) with chocolate chips.

Can you even believe that tomorrow today is Friday?  Thank heavens for the short weeks that follow three-day weekends!

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