Weekend Wrap-Up; Five Favorites

On Saturday, I kept myself busy with errands and drinking all the coffee.


On Sunday, we went for a three-hour bike ride in Central Park.


Oh my goodness.  The weather was absolutely beautiful but we both agreed that three hours was too long – I am going to do my best not to sit today!

Here are my five favorites from the weekend…

{1}  Rose Apriums, an apricot-plum blend.  They are similar to the Plucot/Pluot (my favorite fruit of all time) but more apricot than plum.  Wonderful.


I packaged materials from home and ate them in a tasty granola bowl at work on Friday.  2 chopped Rose Apriums, 1/2+ cup KIND Banana Nut Clusters, and skim milk.


Another summer fruit worth mentioning is the Sonya apple. They are perfectly sweet, and juicy without being drippy.


The book in the background is my final recommendation. It is a compilation of food writing – book excerpts, magazine articles, blog posts – from 2013, divided into sections about meat, eating local, home cooks, etc, and it has been delightful to read. Now I want to get my hands on some of the other years.

{2}  A copy-cat ABP bbq chicken salad.


I enjoyed this salad so much when I sampled it at Au Bon Pain, I knew I would have to recreate it at home.


A romaine base topped with ranch dressing, corn, cucumber, tomato, three-cheese blend, and chopped chicken that was tossed with TJ’s Carolina bbq sauce.

{3} Green eggs (no ham).


An easy dinner that tasted so good. I sautéed frozen spinach and corn with evoo, dill, a pinch of sugar, and green Tabasco, then tossed in chopped chicken and chunks of raw goat’s milk cheese, and scrambled in two eggs.


Corn is so freaking good in scrambled eggs.  I like it when everything gets a bit charred before you add your eggs.

{4}  A killer sandwich from Bareburger, the Big Bacon Blue burger with a few modifications.


I ended up with grilled chicken, turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms, fried onions, smokehouse sauce, and blue cheese.


I was swooning over this sandwich; it ended up being the best “burger” I’ve ever eaten. I’m pretty jazzed about that season drink in the background too – to be shared in September!

{5}  Chicago Mix from Trader Joe’s. You can’t go wrong with a caramel corn/cheddar popcorn blend.


After our bike ride, Adam and I spent Sunday on the couch with “The Office,” and the popcorn was thoroughly enjoyed.

Any summer goods you want to recommend?

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