Easter Brunch

I hope everyone had a hoppy Easter!  Our day was quite nice; tasty food, nice weather, and tons of tv.

Adam’s parents sent us $ in lieu of an Easter basket so I got to go to brunch with my handsome husband.



He took me to Left Bank, a spot he’s been to with friends (working weekends means I usually have to skip brunch, boo!) and was dying to share.




The space was gorgeous and the menu had lots of offer.  Plus, they brought yummy lemon poppy-seed bread.


Adam ordered a mimosa while I went with an extra-spicy bloody mary,


but we were on the same page when it came to food.


We both ordered the Seafood Benedict,


crab cakes topped with poached eggs and [citrus] hollandaise.  <– I asked for regular hollandaise, served on the side please!

The dish came with sides of fruit and hash browns and was quite good.


I saved one of my crab cakes for Adam but devoured my eggs.


Meals where you soak up yolks are my very favorite!

The rest of our day was gloriously low-key.  We knew we were going to hunker down on the couch, so we made sure to take the dog on a quick walk first.  I got an iced, non-fat, caramel macchiato on the way home.


Why yes, I did ask for extra caramel – it was Easter dammit and no one bought me any candy!

Minus a few hours spent on a take-home exam, we spent the rest of the day screaming at the characters on “Battlestar Galactica.”  My food totally fit the tv marathon vibe…  Chips.


Leftover buffalo chicken mac and cheese.  (recipe’s coming this week, promise!)


And no-bake brownie batter.  (recipe’s coming as soon as I work out the kinks!)


Readers who grew up with the whole bunny thing; do you still get an Easter basket?

2 thoughts on “Easter Brunch

  1. My heart was already breaking that I didn’t send you a box! There was that small Easter “bag” – does that count? Or the 1/2 bag of malted eggs I gave Adam?? (Candy I planned to buy and you turned down: Reese white chocolate eggs and Wild Ophelia bars.)

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