Asian Carbs

The title describes every single thing I ate today!  At least I managed to cover a good spread of the continent – Thailand, Japan, and India.

Adam wasn’t excited enough about my Pad Kee Mao leftovers, so I ate them myself for breakfast.



Amazing.  Broad rice noodles (when cooked in a Thai dish and super spicy) are my favorite food.

I rounded out the meal with a spoon of peanut butter.


I left a little bit behind for the dog and he was on Cloud 9.

Lunch was spicy avocado Inari.


Yes, contrary to popular Adam’s belief, that orange stuff in mayonnaise-based.  But when you husband sweetly delivers you lunch at work you don’t turn it down just because you’re doing a silly challenge.

We used a groupon at India Gate for dinner.


I got Chana Bhatura.


I ate half of my chickpeas, with rice.  And 1.5+ of my fried dough.  I tried to eat less but half the times Adam went to take a bite I ended up snatching it away from him!


The flavor was very similar to the Johnny Cake I grew up eating and I was having a total taste memory.

Adam is in bed (he got under the covers at 8:45!) and I should be there too but I have a mental problem that keeps me from making healthy sleep decisions so instead I’ll probably get some dessert and watch Law and Order: SVU.

P.S. I picked a winner for my Slow Cooker Desserts giveaway – (#1)


Cori, e-mail me with your mailing address so I can get your prize sent out!

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