Keeping Time

Here is a highlights post for Monday and Tuesday… I think… Adam and I stayed up past 3am several days in a row and I’ve been slightly confused about time ever since.  Case in point: I spent Friday rushing around to accommodate the post office’s reduced Saturday hours.  Then Saturday night I took a Sunday night pill.

And I really must be losing my mind because yesterday I went to the gym.  And I want to go back again tomorrow!


We ate a lot (a lot!) of good food the last few days, here were the really great bites –

Pizza and salad.  Romaine with black beans, groats, green pepper and peanut sauce.  Pizza Hut’s extra cheese for the win.


Pecan turtle tart from the co-op.


A sweet snack plate; aka 2 green dragon apples, melted pb and Biscoff for dipping, and the last of the cheese straws.


A killer chocolate banana smoothie.


A few notes on the smoothie – it was made with a Smoothie Mixer that I was sent to sample.


Nativas Naturals joined forces with William Sonoma to create a new line of organic superfood smoothie blends.  From WS –

The Antioxidants Smoothie Mixer is a sweet-tangy blend of organic superfruits including goji, acai, pomegranate, camu and blueberry. These superfruits contain an abundance of antioxidants. We suggest mixing this gluten-free blend with frozen berries, mango, orange juice and honey.

The Omega-3 Smoothie Mixer is a fruity blend that combines three fiber-rich sprouted seeds and grains (chia, flax and brown rice) with cranberries. The gluten-free blend provides a plentiful supply of plant-based essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Julie Morris, our Executive Chef, likes to mix it with frozen berries, yogurt, almond milk, honey and vanilla.

The rich, chocolaty Protein Smoothie Mixer features three of the most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world (hemp, cacao and maca) and a delicious low-glycemic natural sweetener from Peru (lucuma). This kosher blended powder is a nourishing source of protein and omegas, as well as antioxidants found in the feel-good cacao. Blend this gluten-free Smoothie Mixer with a banana, peanut butter, non-milk of your choice and honey.

I received an e-mail offering me a chance to try one of the blends and I chose the protein one because I know that my breakfasts could use a little more protein for staying power.


I decided to the blend in a simple smoothie first – Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, frozen bananas, Protein Smoothie Mixer, and a bit of honey.  Adam and I both thought that the smoothies were great.  The powder blends in easily and gives the smoothie a nice hint of chocolate.  I took a few sips from the blender before I added the honey (which was mostly for Adam’s benefit) and determined that I would not normally feel the need to sweeten it.  Two thumbs up!  Let’s be real though, the smoothie was good, but it was nowhere near as awesome as my new cup.


Do you ever get confused about what day it is?  I’m almost looking forward to going back to school just so I’ll have some clue of what’s happening around me!

2 thoughts on “Keeping Time

  1. Gah, story of my life. I constantly forget what day it is. I think not having an actual (out of the house) job really hinders my mental calendar tracking ability.

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