Bad News Bakers

Have you ever had a string of fails in the kitchen?

I’m starting to seriously question my baking ability.  First, there was the Guinness cupcakes fail (apparently you can’t add beer to cake batter like the diet coke cake trick).  Then this weekend I learned this – adding strawberry pie filling to peanut butter cookie dough does not make pb & j cookies.  But as I told Adam as he was scraping an entire bowl of cookie dough into the trash, if I don’t at least try then I’ll never learn.

I was hoping to have a fun smoothie recipe to share today but I learned from that too.  Instead I had to turn to leftovers for breakfast.

This casserole was a fun mix of brown rice, shredded chicken, spinach, celery, toasted pecans, and fig butter.

Plus I had fruit and yogurt on the side.   Plain Siggi’s with blackberries, yellow plucot, and maple syrup.

It was a good meal.

And it’s always good to get a healthy start after several days of popcorn!

I took an extra long walk this afternoon.  Two friends from school came over and we took Webster on several loops of the neighborhood.  One of the girls recently switched majors and it was a great to get the chance to catch up with her.  Unfortunately now I have a huge painful blister on one of my toes; I can barely walk!

When I got back I ate a big spoonful (~2 Tbsp) of my new favorite thing.

Now that Wegman’s sells Crunchy Biscoff Spread my life is complete.

Lunch looked similar to breakfast, but had a flavor profile that was all its own.

I mashed roasted butternut squash with Miracle Whip, stirred in brown rice and roasted, shredded zucchini, and topped with some chopped 50% reduced fat cheddar.

Some people live without microwaves, how do they get things melty?

Dinner was melty too, but from the oven.  I roasted a sandwich thin with turkey, more reduced fat cheddar, and six (6!!) pickle slices.

Plus a pile of roasted green beans.

It’s not the first time I’ve had that meal this month and I don’t expect it to be the last.

In spite of my foot, the weather was too nice for me to not go another short walk with the husband.  We split a Push Up from the convenience store.

It felt like being 8 again!

Adam has a late start tomorrow and I’m on spring break so we plan on watching Stargate: Atlantis late into the night.  Woot!

P.S. I was gone yesterday because I got some frustrating news at my “final” orthodontist appointment – I’m back in retainers for three weeks.  Ugh!  So yesterday I was sulking and eating soft things.

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