Up All Night

…well not quite, but I did come close!  It’s possible I underestimated how many statistics problems were due!  Here are the totals –

Hours slept: 3.5; from 5:30 am to 9am

Assignments completed: all

Coffees consumed: 2, with skim milk and sugar

Snacks nibbled: 1 plate of pretzels with yellow mustard

Minutes wasted on Pinterest: too many!

The morning came quickly but I’ve actually felt pretty good all day.

The t-shirt bustle is the fashion industry’s equivalent to caffeine.

Oh, and I had caffeine too.

I shook a packet of Starbucks Caramel Via Iced Coffee with a bottle of water and was very impressed.  Everything went into solution with no grounds left behind and the flavor was great.

I think, fingers crossed, that my statistics exam was a success as well.  I was not as triumphant on the meal front though.  I only had time to pack one set of meals (actually I packed it yesterday, but whatever) and too little sleep and two few calories made the afternoon feel pretty long.  It was a good meal though.  Sliced cucumber.

A Sandwich Thin with Applegate Farms roasted turkey and maple apple chutney.

And the last of my Canada candy.

I shared a gummi bottle with a friend and she was dully impressed.

I ate my packed meal at 4:45 when we finished with clinic and then had to sit through my night class with a growling stomach.  By the time I got home I knew the only way to keep from going crazy was to use one of our restaurant meals this evening.  We didn’t have time to eat in and we aren’t allowed to do take out so we turned to Wegmans.  I was eating this veggie sushi the minute we got in the car!

And ate this frozen meal practically the minute we got in the house.

It wasn’t anything amazing but the nutrition stats were not terrible.

And soon after I tucked into a giant plate of pizza bagels.  No picture because the husband delivered me my plate like an awesome, but I ate two servings worth (~540 calories).  I think I’m all caught up on food now.

And now I should probably try to catch up on sleep!

When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?

6 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. I really don’t want to come off as mean, but what’s the point of all of your “challenges” if you just find ways around them? Sushi from the store is still takeout, and you’d have been better off both in terms of health and money if you’d just spent 10-15 minutes prepping something simple instead of a frozen meal.

    • Not offensive! The point of the challenge was to reduce restaurant meals, not eliminate them; the sushi was one of our two for the week. You’re right that it was technically takeout, but at that hour there was nowhere to get sushi and veggie sushi was what I was craving/healthier than anything I would have gotten at a restaurant then.

  2. The t-shirt bustle! I love it! It’s like ruffle butt onsies which I’m obssessed with. Can’t believe you only got 3.5 hours of sleep – you look amazing! Glad you got all your assignments done. Happy Friday. ❤

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