I know I said I was excited for this weekend, but it turned out that I spent 95% of it in bed.  Adam has been really sick and I felt very blah.

I managed to go out on Sunday to get groceries for next week but that was pretty much my only accomplishment.


We legit ate Chipotle for three meals in a row.


I’m pretty sure we are those people at the Chipotle now and we can never go back again.

The following was my only main meal that wasn’t a rice bowl –


Buffalo chicken pizza,


and leftover kale salad.


Kale, garlic dressing, avocado, and roasted coconut – it held up very well in the fridge.

Finally, while I was out I got the Crème Brûlée Lindt Bar.


We were fans.  I’m looking forward to packing the other half in my work lunches.

That’s all she wrote!

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