My Cranky Pants Are On

I’m pretty sure I have a special kind of Seasonal Affective Disorder called “I grew up on an island, what is this shit? Seriously, why do I live somewhere so cold?!” It’s not good.

I get through Winter alright, but ever since I moved North I’ve spent pretty much every Spring pissed off. The problem is twofold – first, the first 22 years of my life (growing up in St. Thomas to undergrad in Miami) I was able to throw on jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals and walk outside. Period. Having to put on shoes and socks – let alone a coat – to leave the house still confuses and infuriates me. Second, I grew up without  daylight savings. I’ve lived in the states since I was 18 and it’s starting to look like my body clock will never get the whole springing forward concept (even though it technically puts me back to the “correct” time that my parents are on). It takes weeks before my mornings stop feeling ridiculous.

tl;dr? I’m cranky this week!

Obviously getting through took a lot of coffee. DSC06043DSC06067DSC06070DSC06044

Also a lot of unphotographed candy.

My lunches were my healthy meals for the week. Salad bar mixes with hard-boiled eggs for protein. 20150311_13320520150310_125412

Yogurt, fruit, and cereal bowls.


Wednesday was Registered Dietitan Day and my inpatient boss got us flowers and cake. IMG_20150311_12415120150311_142400

So sweet!

Dinners were less RD-esque. Case in point: I ate an empanada on the train and ice cream on the couch for dinner on two different days. DSC06075DSC06073

And yes, that is the ice cream we tried and hated, my brain short-circuited when I  saw the words cookie butter.

The best night of the week we went to Williamsburg to celebrate the engagement of two amazing people. DSC06050

After some well-wishing, Adam and I ate a romantic married people dinner at Max. With desserts at Momofuku! DSC06053DSC06055DSC06058DSC06064And my leftovers – eggplant in tomato sauce and gnocchi – were quite delicious for dinner the next day. DSC06079

One more day, and I can spend the weekend hibernating.

Who else is sick of it not being summer yet?

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