Weekly Wrap-Up; Is Winter Over Yet?

Ugggh, this week.  Let’s not even front, last week was ridiculous.  Nary a vegetable to be found.  There will be no “healthy living blogging” in this post, in fact, there will barely be blogging of any sort because I couldn’t be bothered to snap pictures of 60% of my week.

The insane snow and brutal cold just killed my will to live{a healthy lifestyle}.  We’ve got another week of icy cold coming up, but at least my mood seems to finally be on the upswing!

Here is some of what I ate over the past seven days, though like I said, a lot of it -mostly cheese – missed the camera…

things that were ridiculous

“Breakfast” at the hospital.


And I washed that twist down with an 8 am diet soda.  I usually don’t even like donuts – I’m not sure what my new obsession with these guys is – and I need to go back to eating them never.

A carbtastic “dinner.”


DSC07533Annie’s Real Aged Cheddar Mac and Cheese – topped with more cheese – and a big bowl of popcorn.

A mug cake.


Number 2 Pencil really knows what she’s doing!

Thai turkey nachos.


Ruffled chips baked with sharp cheddar, green onions, and lean ground turkey cooked with ginger and green curry.


I know most people don’t think that everything works as nachos but the flavors actually went really well here.

An attempt at dessert from Martha’s Bakery.


DSC07588The tres leches was both dry as hell and studded with canned peaches.  No.  I don’t know why we are having such a hard time getting a good slice of tres leches!

things that were (somewhat) healthy

The only thing that saved me at all was that Noosa sent me a very generous shipment of their delicious yogurts.


Here what the company had to say:  “Unique, Aussie-style Noosa Finest Yoghurt brings out the decadent side of yogurt in a whole new way. It’s made in small batches, set, and infused with honey to give it a delicious sweet-tart tang, with a smooth, velvety texture that sets it apart from the throng.Noosa is made on-site at the family-owned Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellvue, Colo., and is free of artificial ingredients of any kind. Noosa’s 100% natural fruit purees are made with the highest quality, best-tasting fruit on the market. It’s now available in nine flavors nationwide, including: NEW Tart Cherry, NEW Lemon, Passion Fruit, Blueberry, Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Peach, and Honey.”

Here’s what I had to say: YUM!  I had tried the honey Noosa in the past (and loved it) but the fruit on the bottom flavors have been blowing my socks off.  They are just sooooo creamy and delicious.  I’m not going to go through them one by one, because I have loved them all.  My only complaints are that Noosa doesn’t make any low-fat varieties and yogurt is packaged in a very large serving, which means that this stuff ends up being a pretty big calorie commitment.  However, it is a big serving for the calories and the yogurt is quite filling.  I wouldn’t make this my only yogurt choice but I will definitely be buying more with my own money.

Here’s what Adam had to say:  “OMG, YUM!!!  Can I have more?!”  It is definitely worth noting that the husband says Noosa is the best yogurt he’s ever had.  He is 100% obsessed with it and has been plowing through the flavors at lightening speed.

Blueberry Noosa for breakfast.


I probably also had coffee with this.

Work lunch 1.


Raspberry Noosa with fresh blueberries and a side of Haribo Juicy Gold Bears.


DSC07526DSC07528The raspberry flavor was both Adam’s and my favorite.

Work lunch 2.


Honey Noosa with a Honeycrisp and a banana fudge cereal bar.


DSC07555DSC07551I microwaved the cereal bar for 60 seconds and it was insane, totally worth bringing in a plate to work for.



I had been looking forward to making this casserole – a mix of roasted broccoli, celery, sautéed mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, crumbled tempeh, brown rice, and light mozzarella – for more than a week, but the end result was so bland that I am not even going to share the recipe with you.



My best coffee idea yet.


An iced Americano (with some skim milk) with fat-free chocolate milk.  I don’t like “mochas” at all but when I add my own chocolate milk to coffee it is magical.

Lemon Noosa with toasted coconut on top.


This was basically crust-free pie, delicious crust-free pie.

How does the cold affect your healthy living goals?

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