Around The Web; Aren’t You Punny?

I don’t know how much this comes across on the blog, but I’m pretty much a giant nerd.  I constantly make terrible pun-based jokes, I’m obsessed with all things Whedon, and I loved the “Stargate: Atlantis” series so much that I plan on naming my first-born after a main character.

Adam and I have not been a cool influence on each other; he forced me to take another look at “Star Wars” and the “Aliens” movies and I introduced him to “Buffy” and bad puns.  We are a match made in Comic-Con Heaven.

Like a raccoon with things that are shiny, I like to gather up things that I find funny from around the internet to share with y’all.  This edition is devoted to the dorky.  {I even found one that was punny and Whedon-based, swoon!}  P.S.  The chromosome one basically made me pee myself with laughter.

cover mesource

imperial rage


a new... nevermindsource

sex cellssource


frayed knotsource

Do you consider yourself a nerd?

2 thoughts on “Around The Web; Aren’t You Punny?

  1. I was gonna correct you that it’s a magpie (bird) that collects shiny things, but then I looked it up. Raccoons do it, too! Little bandits…

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