Weekend Wrap-Up; Hello, December!

This weekend I…

…Walked around Manhattan with my family to check out the window displays.

DSC06126DSC06121DSC06132DSC06128DSC06124DSC06119This was such a great way to ring in the season, even if the tree wasn’t lit yet.  It was the perfect way to spend my parents’ last day.  My mom snagged me a milk and white truffle from the Lindt store.

DSC06172And I came home with a really exciting candy assortment from a place in Chinatown.

DSC06151I am really looking forward to trying the new varieties.

…Ate lunch at Carnegie Deli.

DSC06109The bites I took of my dad’s matzoh ball soup were great.

DSC06112We all shared strawberry blintzes.

DSC06114And I drank the best chocolate egg cream of my life.

DSC06111Though the very best bites were those my cousin shared with me of matzoh brei.  I don’t know how they make theirs so chewy.

…Shared some exciting drinks with the husband while we explored the city.  A Belvoir Fruit Farms Elderflower and Rose Lemonade.

DSC06103It was very tasty, and how gorgeous is the packaging?  We also shared a black sugar bubble tea.


…Discovered Cafe Dada, a new coffee-house in Park Slope.

DSC06141I had a cafe au lait which was delicious,

DSC06149but the espresso in Adam’s cortado was hands-down the best I’ve ever had.

DSC06143It was so velvety!  And the pistachio mousse we shared was great too.

DSC06146It was a blend of pistachio and raspberries and the flavors went great together.

…Met up with friends from Buffalo.  They were visiting family for the holiday and we all met up to share a meal.  We took them to our two favorite places – Freeman’s Restaurant {the smoked trout plate}.

DSC06157sugar, Sweet, sunshine {more pistachio}.

DSC06161Such fun.  We love it when they come into town.

Tried the Eggnog Jubilee from Jamba Juice.

DSC06196It tasted exactly like I wanted it to – eggnog and nutmeg blended with ice – but I still didn’t need enough of the flavor to drink the whole thing.  I’m glad I tried it though.

…Ate lots and lots of cheese.  We were shopping in Trader Joe’s one evening when the idea for nachos struck and our eyes lit up.  We got Wisconsin Sharp and New York Extra Extra Sharp Cheddars so we could do a blend.

DSC06176Adam put pastrami on his (leftover from Carnegie) but my chicken ended up being moldy so I got my protein in the form of extra cheese.  Plus candied jalopenos.

DSC06181Swoon!  We kept it going with grilled cheese for lunch the next day.

DSC06214On thick slices of cibatta.

DSC06218With apple slices on the side.

DSC06216I probably should have tried to get some veggies in there too.

…Finally got some veggies in with a homemade dinner.

DSC06226We topped this cous cous with roasted butternut squash, craisins, smoked almonds, champagne pear vinaigrette, and a sunny side up egg.

DSC06220DSC06231Runny yolk is the best sauce.

…Decorated for Christmas.

DSC06187DSC06183DSC06190DSC06195We’re ready for December!

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