Weekly Wrap-Up; One A Day

I don’t have a ton to share this week; we ate pizza a lot (I don’t know how I don’t have a single photo of that?!) and I somehow ended up with only seven photos.  One for each day of the week!

One: Chipotle.

DSC05620Someone (ahem) ate all of the casserole my mother-in-law baked me so I had to get last-minute dinner takeout.  I hadn’t really eaten Chipotle before beyond the occasional stop in for a diet soda on a road trip, but lately I am all about their chicken.  Whatever they marinate their meat in is sooooo flavorful.

DSC05624Plus my rice bowl – chicken, rice, salsa, corn, roasted veggies, and cheese – was so giant that I was able to take a 1/3 out for the next day’s lunch and still have a huge dinner.

Two: Truffle sampler.

DSC05627Many rounds of this last week.

Three: Two part breakfast.

DSC05632I had a sliced honeycrisp,

DSC05634dipped in (melted) Vanilla Bean + Espresso Barney Butter.

DSC05638DSC05628I am in total love with the VBEBB; crunching through the coffee grounds is very texturally pleasing.  Though I will note that it is not sweet at all which always surprises me.

I finished up breakfast (and the espresso theme!) with Starbucks on errands.

DSC05640A giant one since I had a freebie on my card.  A non-fat caramel macchiato with two shots of gingerbread instead of the vanilla.

DSC05642New favorite drink.  Even the barista commented on what a good idea it was.

Four: Bread trio.

DSC05645End pieces of TJ’s Three Seed and Honey Bread topped with Smart Balance Light, grape Crofters, and pumpkin butter.

Five: Soup night.

DSC05654Pacific Vegetable Lentil & Roasted Red Pepper Soup.  <– Adam and I split the cartoon and both were impressed with it (and I don’t even like lentils)

DSC05657Soft pretzel stick with aged Havarti.

DSC05658And a Tusker to share.

DSC05660We’ve been hoarding that beer for months and it made the move with us from Buffalo.  Tusker has previously been in my top-three beers list but just like the pumpkin beers this seemed sour to me.  I guess I just haven’t been in a beer mood this fall.

Six: Cheese plate.

DSC05669More aged Havarti,

DSC05671with TJ’s Everything Crackers,

DSC05673and a nice pear.

DSC05675We’ve been all about the fruit and cheese this year.  The crackers were good, but a bit too strong on the carraway for me.

Seven {in Heaven}: ‘Mallow shake.

DSC05677Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Honey Caramel Frozen Greek Yogurt with skim milk and tons of roasted marshmallows.

DSC05679I used too much milk and we ended up with frothy flavored milk instead of shakes, but the flavor was to die for.

P.S. I ate a bag of kettlecorn for breakfast while I wrote this post.  I need to get my life in order.

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